Will you help our Indian brothers and sisters in their darkest hour?
Covid-19 is infecting India at an alarming rate. Scientists predict that there may be a million deaths by August. As a team, we are witnessing despair all around; people are angry, desperate, grieving and confused.

We at GOD TV India are privileged to be a lighthouse, shining the hope of Jesus during these dark times. The team are committed to supporting and encouraging those who need the love of the Father right now.
Will you help us?
  • Help us to pay our distribution bill allowing GOD TV to continue broadcasting to over 100 million homes across India.
  • Extend our Prayer Team to meet the growing need for support and intercession.
  • Create new programming that specifically speaks to the need in India including the translations of Jesus-filled programming.
Thank you for standing with us as a global GOD TV family in this time of urgent need.

Thomas Robinson
Regional Director of GOD TV India
Keep the Lighthouse of GOD TV India
burning bright in these dark times
Keep the Lighthouse of GOD TV India burning bright in these dark times
What is your prayer for India?
Let’s stand together with our brothers and sisters in this time of uncertainty.
We'd love to hear from you...
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