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Nearly 2,000 years ago, the command of the risen Lord Jesus was to ‘go therefore and make disciples of all nations' (Matthew 28:19)

The mission is Jesus and the method is media. There is no greater opportunity to share Jesus today than through media – accelerating the Gospel message further and faster than ever before.

“I can’t say thanks enough since getting saved through GOD TV.”


Taking part in the mandate God has given us to tell people about Jesus is only possible with your partnership. If you have a heart for global mission through media, we’d love to invite you into the GOD TV Family. We take our part in this family seriously and consider it a huge privilege to be part of God’s rescue mission – we hope you do too!

The partnership we have in the GOD TV Family is rich and dynamic and exists as we share a common purpose – to make Jesus known. We pray together, we have a mutual care for each other. As a global body we give to make this mission possible. We partner in ministry as we pour out our energy to strengthen your faith, and you join with us in giving thanks for the fruit that is produced.

The power of the Holy Spirit that lives in us enables us to do this work but we need likeminded believers from all over the world to partner with us.

Without our partners
GOD TV would switch off

Each month we need to raise £500,000 globally in donations. This enables us to:

Broadcast to 300+ million connected homes across the globe with a potential viewing audience of 1 billion people.

Deliver a digital distribution that reaches anyone with a connected device and has a global viewership of over 57 million unique people – accelerating the Gospel message further and faster than ever before.

A true, 24-hour a day channel filled with Christian movies, documentaries, worship sessions, teaching programs, news updates, daily talk shows, inspirational lifestyle programs, conferences & live events, and 5 global feeds, broadcasting simultaneously.

We have 12 regional call centres and support teams who pray and look after the GOD TV Family.

When you become part of the GOD TV Family and partner with us in prayer and giving, lives are changed. Can you help us in our global evangelism? Your partnership is invaluable.

Will you pray and give?

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