About Baruch Korman Ministries
The purpose of this institution is to provide biblically-based teachings with an emphasis on the Jewish context of scripture. Even though we hope all people will benefit from our teaching, there is a cognitive effort to present scripture, emphasizing the original context and cultural sensitivities so that those of Jewish descent might also appreciate the message of the Gospel.
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Dr. Baruch Korman
Baruch has been teaching the Bible for nearly 30 years. In 2001, he moved to Israel with his family. In 2011 a study center was purchased debt free which serves as the ministry headquarters in Israel. In 2010, we began to broadcast Bible teaching in Hebrew via the internet and shortly thereafter it was decided an English program should also be broadcast. Due to the success of the internet websites, in 2013 a Bible teaching program in the Hebrew language began airing throughout Israel via the Israeli cable and satellite outlets (HOT cable and YES satellite).