GOD TV Founders

GOD TV was founded in 1995 by South African born Christian broadcasting pioneer, Rory Alec Stephen and British born creative evangelist, Wendy Alec.

In his 20 years at GOD TV, Rory built up our far-reaching distribution taking GOD TV from Europe to the world, including our launch into the USA in 2006 and raised a diverse team of some 200 people, including our regional directors and network of regional offices worldwide.

In her 22 years at GOD TV, Wendy Alec was responsible for the development of the GOD TV brand and created a unique programming schedule bringing different ministry streams together, from the prophetic to the evangelistic and featuring must-watch LIVE events.

The now global network was first known as the Christian Channel Europe, the Continent’s first daily Christian television network. It started broadcasting on 1 October 1995, just 2-hours-a-day but steadily grew to 24-hours-a-day in 1999. The ‘GOD’ logo appeared in 1997 and the Christian Channel was rebranded as the GOD Channel and became GOD TV in 2002. Rory resigned from GOD TV in 2014 and Wendy handed the mantel over to Ward Simpson as the new Leader of GOD TV in 2016.

GOD TV’s CEO Ward Simpson and the GOD TV team and family of viewers honor the ministry’s founders for their unshakeable faith in establishing GOD TV ‘Against All Odds’ and the foundation they built over two decades. The work they started continues from strength to strength as God blesses this network that bears His name.