Consent Statement

What information we collect and how.


Yes, I would like to receive information and communication about your activities, products, events and services of GOD TV and affiliated TAF Group companies operating as GOD TV as well as their legal successors Angel Christian Television Trust Inc. The Angel Foundation, Angel Television Africa Pty, Angel Christian Television China Ltd, GOD TV Foundation, Angel Christian Television Australia Ltd, Angel Christian Charitable Foundation India & Dream Network Ltd.

For this purpose, I hereby give my consent that:

  • My name, contact details and information provided (e.g. address. email address, telephone number, instant messenger ID, social network addresses, interests)
  • Data about my giving and reasons therefore
  • Information about products purchased, events attended and services used

…will be collected and used to best communicate with me in line with the understanding of legitimate interest in the Charity.

I also consent to my personal data being used to provide me with opportunities to give towards work specifically tailored to my interests (e.g. events, special offers, products & services), including through the use of analytical procedures to ensure stewardship of income through effective partner engagement, which may feature profile building.

My consent to such tailored marketing is in respect of face to face meetings, as well as any contact channel I have selected. And I consent to being asked to participate in opinion surveys/prayer requests on or about the above mentioned companies.

I agree to receive marketing communications as confirmed above on the below Channels:

  • Email
  • Mail
  • Phone

You have the right to withdraw your consent from any communication channels at anytime and we will continue to provide you with opportunities to opt out even after you have positively opted in. You do not need to opt in to participate with GOD TV you can continue to pray, give or serve with us.

However if you do not opt in we will only be able to speak with you on the basis of legitimate interest, meaning any additional marketing, events and updates with no longer be sent to you by us.