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About Today with Ward Series
Revivalist, Messianic believer and GOD TV’s President and CEO, Ward Simpson presents updates on GOD TV’s global activities, upcoming new programming and special events. Each Today with Ward broadcast will take you deeper and draw you closer in your relationship with God. Join Ward as he introduces you to special guests from around the world as they minister the healing, saving and delivering power of Jesus Christ.
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Ward Simpson
Ward is GOD TV’s new chief executive officer (CEO) and brings a wealth of experience in both business and ministry to GOD TV. As senior executive with the Simpson Group of companies, Ward managed an international automobile distribution corporation and as executive director of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM) he was part of the leadership team in Pensacola, Florida during the world famous Brownsville Revival. Ward is a product of revival and has a passion to see revival fires spread across the globe. He is Married to Lydia and they have three children: Rafael, Netanya and Nathan.