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About Sex in the Digital Age Series
GOD TV is very pleased to team up with XXXChurch to help you and your loved ones fully understand the power of sex. The links on this page offer more information about the resources that this partnership has made available to you, as well as offering a fantastic 20% discount on XXXChurch’s especially crafted courses.

Get Free and Stay Free with XXXChurch and GODTV in partnership.
Watch the latest episodes of Sex in the Digital Age series…
Best Sex Life Now
Best Sex Life Now is an online video course hosted by couples Dave & Ashley Willis and Craig & Jeanette Gross.It’s a real, honest conversation about sex and marriage, an elegant production for married couples, newlyweds, and those about to be married that spans 10 different videos (as well as two bonus videos with special guests) and a downloadable discussion guide/workbook.

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My Pilgrimage
My Pilgrimage is a four-module approach to finding freedom from pornography and masturbation. It starts with upending everything you thought you knew and ends with complete and total freedom.

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Fighting For My Marriage
Fighting for My Marriage is a proven program that can strengthen (and possibly even save) your marriage. Whether you and your spouse are in this together, or you’re one of the many who is currently fighting this battle without the support of your spouse, Fighting for My Marriage will give you the solutions and support you’ll need for the journey ahead.

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X3 Pure
This workshop is for both single and married men. If you are struggling with pornography or sexual addictions, the X3pure workshop is perfect for you. Private, online and effective, the X3pure program can help you end the downward spiral of shame and alienation. Begin your recovery right now.

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Touchy Subjects
We now live in a “touchscreen world which is also full of touchy subjects. This course guides parents and gives them a a strategy to guide their kids safely into adulthood. Teaching them how to interact with sex, tech and social media.

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The Recover Workshop is a four-module approach to helping women recover from sexual betrayal. It starts with the relational component of stories from women just like you. It’s an interactive experience that provokes deep thought and reflection, allowing you to write your own story and be in control of your outcome. It helps you obtain healing and recovery you didn’t know was possible.

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