In each episode of ONEFLESH Jake and Nicci Hamilton talk about a particular aspect of marriage, family, and parenting opening the way for frank discussion. Their aim is not to provide theological insights but to share real-life experiences of real people who are trying to walk out family to the best of their abilities.

Jake and Nicci Hamilton

We’re an average couple, though perhaps a little different! We’ve been married since 2002 and have three children, Geneva, Ezra and Judah. Together, we have faced adversity, disappointment and loss, like other families, but have never given up and are stronger because we have each other. We’ve been involved in the Church both locally and globally for over 15 years and our passion is to see people become fully alive to God, no matter what their circumstances. We believe nobody is too far from hope or that their lives can’t be restored. Through ONEFLESH we aim to bring hope into homes worldwide and help families find healthy rhythms in life that will bring joy and peace to their journey.

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