About Doug Kaufmann
Doug Kaufmann hosts the popular American television show, Know The Cause.It airs in approximately 80 million households If, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, then 20 years ago, Know The Cause became the father of invention!  The joy of knowing and teaching about the fungus link to human symptoms and diseases lies in the fact that thousands of people have been helped.  As the show expands, hundreds of thousands can learn of simple, inexpensive and safe methods available to anyone to help in recovery or prevention.
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Doug Kaufmann
Doug Kaufmann hosts the daily national television showKnow The Cause.  The show has enjoyed tremendous success for 20 years based on one simple fact; fungi make poisons that cause or mimic many autoimmune diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.  Couple that fact with the fact that physicians do not learn of fungal diseases during their medical training and the foundation for this popular and educational TV show, that helps thousands of viewers, was formed.

Doug was a US Navy Corpsman attached to the 7thMarines in Vietnam in 1970 and has become outspoken on fungal diseases.  While his TV show teaches the lay public, Doug now gives medical training on fungus to physicians.  These courses have been well attended and accepted.  In 2014, the cancer journal, Oncology News, published his paper, Fungi and Their Mycotoxins: an Underappreciated Role in Cancers, scientificallylinking fungus to cancer. He has authored 12 books on the fungus link to health problems and has a strong social media presence in addition to his lectures and TV shows.