Wendy Alec with Special Guest – Benny Hinn

Wendy Alec with Special Guest

Wendy Alec with Special Guest – Benny Hinn

Wendy Alec, Benny Hinn

GOD TV's Co-founder and Visionary, Wendy Alec talks to Pastor Benny Hinn who is known worldwide as a healing evangelist, teacher and best-selling author. Pastor Benny has been a friend of GOD TV from the beginning and he and Wendy recall the early days of the ministry, when they met on a bus in London, and reflect on the miracles God has done in the past 21 years. Benny also talks about the anointing, remembering his introduction to the Holy Spirit in a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting and the impact she had on his life.  Both Wendy and Pastor Benny share how they have each had to fight for survival and encourage viewers to overcome times of great trial by making Jesus more real than their pain. Watch and be encouraged as you receive prayer for the situation you face and be inspired to help GOD TV take the Gospel further. 

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