Origins in the Modern World: Why it Matters

Creation Ministries International

Origins in the Modern World: Why it Matters

The authority of the Bible is the real issue in the origins debate. “Of the issues that are most important in Christianity, there is one that overshadows, engulfs and trumps them all… the truth and authority of the Bible. As Christianity’s enemies have long recognized, this is the place upon which all the “lines in the sand” converge to draw the ultimate battle line. Give way on this, and all the other issues become irrelevant…”, says Dr Carl Wieland. Find out more about the opposing views within this age-old skirmish. Dr Wieland is Managing Director of Creation Ministries International in Brisbane, Australia. Have a look through the additional Creation material available at www.god.tv/creation, including DVDs of the programs shown on GOD TV and many of the books mentioned.

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