As a teenager, Todd was an alcoholic and drug addict, but had a dramatic life-changing encounter with God. Today, he and his team travel the world to lead others into the freedom Jesus Christ offers. Todd’s passion is to see people experience the transferable, tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. He also operates in gifts of healing as he looks to Jesus Christ to touch sick bodies, open ears that cannot hear and eyes that cannot see. Todd received extensive media attention in 2008 when he led the ‘Lakeland Outpouring’ in Florida, which was televised LIVE on GOD TV daily for three months. This was characterised by many medically verified miracles. Todd had an encounter with God as a young man in South Africa and revisited the country in April 2013, where revival broke out in Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal. On 12 April GOD TV started to broadcast the ‘Healing Awakening LIVE to the Nations’ meetings, which continued on to Pretoria and then Cape Town. Todd believes that the South African revival is a continuation of what God started in Florida.