GOD TV is a pro-Israel Christian media company which takes the good news of the Jewish Messiah to the nations of the world. We will continue to be Israel’s defender and watchmen on her walls. We will continue to fight against anti-semitism, BDS and all evils directed towards her. We bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
GOD TV, at the same time, is very disappointed in the decision made by the cable and satellite broadcasting council chairman Asher Biton regarding the cancellation of our cable television license for Shelanu TV. There is no doubt in our minds that this cancellation was undemocratic, unfair and would be overturned in a court of law.

“This action seeks to silence the voices of Messianic Jews who are Israeli citizens. Over 70% of the channel is comprised of local Israelis sharing their stories, teaching, worship music and so on,” said Ron Cantor, an Israeli Messianic leader and spokesman for Shelanu. “Apparently, sharing our faith with our people—the people of Israel—in our own language is somehow more offensive than any other channel in Israel which includes sexual violence, murder and even hate speech against Israel.”
“We will never back down from sharing the good news of Yeshua with the world, including with our own people in Israel.”
“This is extremely misleading,” according to GOD TV President Ward Simpson. “For some reason Mr. Biton failed to mention that the license that he approved clearly stated in section 1.2 that ‘the channel is intended for the audience of viewers in Israel.’ In addition, it says in 1.5 that we would produce content suitable for an ‘audience in Israel.’ It says NOTHING about our audience being Christian. Additionally, the application that Mr. Biton approved and the license that was granted states unequivocally that the channel will broadcast content in Hebrew to the general public in Israel.” In his cancellation letter, Mr. Biton also gives GOD TV the option to re-apply for a license. However, the license must be applied for by a cable television network, but HOT cable has chosen not to re-apply for a license for Shelanu TV due to the immense pressure they have received from the powers that be. Hot cable will cease to broadcast Shelanu TV on July 2nd 2020 and GOD TV will move their broadcast feed to the internet as soon as possible.

“GOD TV has made the decision to stand down,” says Simpson, “and not contest this cancellation in order to avoid any political fallout with the millions of Christians around the world who love and support Israel. Additionally, we do not want this matter to be ammunition for the ‘haters’ out there who would seek to use this as a reason to further their cause against the Jewish people.”
“We understood that launching the first ever Messianic Jewish Hebrew channel would not be easy. We always knew there would be resistance and a likely possibility that the channel would be cancelled,” says Cantor. “Shelanu TV will, however, continue to broadcast on the internet at, being a voice for the Israeli Messianic movement. We will never back down from sharing the good news of Yeshua with the world, including with our own people in Israel. It was the Jewish Rabbi Saul, who once persecuted the first Messianic Jews, before he became one, who said, ‘for I am not ashamed of the good news of Yeshua because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes. First to the Jew, then to the Nations.’

Our team in Israel is not giving up. In fact, we are ramping up our efforts. This has fueled our engines and given us momentum. More people will now view Shelanu TV than ever anticipated. Additionally, more Messianic content is being Hebrew produced now than ever before by believers around the country.

Ward Simpson | President GOD TV