Will you stand with us?
Will you stand
with us?
The GOD TV Crisis Fund exists to help with the practical and spiritual needs of people facing a humanitarian crisis. Giving a gift today will be directed to our ministry partners on the ground in Ukraine and areas where refugees have fled. The fund exists to meet the needs of individuals and families in desperate need of practical support and spiritual encouragement. Please pray with us for protection and peace in the name of Jesus. We know that our global network can stand together through media in a way that breaks down barriers and sees Jesus held up as our Saviour and King.
Pray for
War-torn lives
What is your prayer for those affected by this war? Stand with us today to pray for those whose lives have been torn apart by war.
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The GOD TV (Angel Foundation) Crisis Fund provides support to humanitarian causes in times of serious need. As a grant giving organization we receive applications to this fund through a formal process and follow the guidance set out by the Charity Commission. The operational costs that God TV incurs are covered before grants are made. Should there be an excess in this fund, donations will be allocated to other God TV activities as set out in charitable purposes.
“Look, there on the mountains, the feet of one who brings good news, who proclaims peace!”
Nahum 1:15

Donate by Direct:

Please email details of your donation to [email protected] so that we can confirm receipt and thank you.

Address: 390 N. ORANGE AVE. ORLANDO, FL 32801
Phone: 1-888-852-5000 x3393
Fax: 407-420-2787
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Donate by Mail:

PO Box 592247,
FL 32859-9804

Donate by Phone:

Phone: 888-463-1365

Text ‘give‘ to 9132257734. You will then receive a text back that says, “To give, use this link”. Tap the link given to complete your gift to GOD TV.

GOD TV USA is an affiliate of Angel Christian Trust