Meet the Team

GOD TV Leaders and Managers

Senior Leaders & Managers

Ward Simpson

CEO, President and US Regional Director

Rafael Simpson

Chief Revenue Officer

Graeme Spencer

Chief Operating Officer

Steve Beik

Corporate Secretary & General Counsel

Shaun Swanepoel

Chief Financial Officer

Tevon Jordaan

Chief Technology Officer

Charles Bown

Head of Creative Services

Trevor MacFarlane

Head of Post Production

Simon Dillon

Head of Network Planning

Ian Young

Director of Fundraising

Andreas Kebernik

European Coordinator

David Nicole

Sri Lanka Regional Director

Erastus Maina

East Africa Regional Director

Fergus Scarfe

Europe Regional Director

Gine and Stuart Glover

Nordic Regional Coordinators

Marcel Olivier

Africa Regional Director

Ron Cantor

Israel Director

Thomas Robinson

India Regional Director

Wayne Knapman

Australia Regional Director