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When Jesus commanded His disciples to go into all the world and preach the Gospel he had us in mind. At the time, most of the world was yet unknown so it was only possible to go to the places the disciples were able to travel.
Today we don’t have those limitations.
In fact, today we’re closer than ever to being able to fulfil the Great Commission due to the power of media. Through GOD TV we can play a significant part in sharing the Good News via satellite, cable, and the Internet… However, we cannot achieve any of this without our precious Partners and Media Missionaries.

Together we can enlarge our sphere of influence beyond our families and our communities to reach the whole world.

As you partner with GOD TV, you reach:
Over 310 million connected homes, a potential viewing audience of some 1 billion people.
More than 15 million people accessing GOD TV via social media.
A vast online community who access 3 million video views a year on our online streaming service and YouTube Channel.
Over 1.5 million unique visitors who access our apps and websites each month.
Together we can reach people…
wherever they are, 24/7, and on whatever device they are using, touching lives with the Gospel. All this costs just £27 a minute. How many minutes of GOD TV will you sponsor?

Whether you make a one-off donation or give monthly, you are part of every soul that is saved through GOD TV, every person healed, or difficult circumstance that is turned around as viewers hear, see and experience the Gospel at work.