Shelanu TV needs
your support, now
more than ever.
Since GOD TV started 25 years ago, one of our core objectives has always been to support the State of Israel. As a global broadcaster, we aim to defend the land God calls His own; to rally the Church worldwide to bless the Jewish People and to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. This is why so much of our programming is Israel-focused and why we take regular tours to the Land of the Bible.
More than ever before, Christians around the world need to stand closely with our friends in Israel. We must be ‘watchmen on her walls’, her defender, advocate and intercessor. We will never stop speaking out against anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions BDS Movement.
Join us in blessing the Jewish people through our humanitarian projects on the ground in Israel, but also through our new Hebrew language channel, Shelanu TV. This is an historic development as for the first time in history people all across Israel can now watch our programming in the language of the ancient prophets.