Night 1 - Bill Johnson

Hope Revolution

Night 1 - Bill Johnson

Speaking from Matthew 11:20 Bill Johnson of Bethel Church describes the potential effect of miraculous ministry. He shares that the world’s cities will repent if they see the miraculous at work and urges believers not to be intimidated by the darkness, but to reach out, not with judgement, but with compassion. "The miracles of Jesus are personal invitations to come to know the Father, who is the greatest Father of all," Pastor Bill says. "The Church often points a finger, but God is longing for His people to go into the streets and love broken people. As we do this we will see sinful cities repent." Pastor Bill also provides a Biblical definition of divine hope, not as a wish, but as the joyful anticipation of God. Join hosts Markus and Peter Wenz in Stuttgart, Germany for two days of radical worship and teaching, bringing believers from all over Germany together to transform Europe with the Gospel. With Markus Wenz, Rebekah van der Steen, Jean Luc Trachsel and worship from the Gospel Youth Band. Presented by Samantha Stephen and Nils Janzen.

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