Night to Honour Israel

Israel Tour 2015

Night to Honour Israel

Join GOD TV President Wendy Alec and our tour goers in Jerusalem for the final night of our recent tour when we gathered to pray for Israel. The Jewish nation needs the support of Christians worldwide as she faces increasing international isolation and the Church cannot be found wanting as it was during World War 11. Hear challenging messages from local ministries that are making a difference in Israel and worldwide, refuting Replacement Theology and urging the Church to play its role in supporting the Jewish People, in keeping with Scripture (Genesis 12:3). Speakers include Asher Intrater, the Founder of Revive Israel Ministries; Barry & Batya Segal of Vision For Israel/ Joseph Storehouse and Jürgen Bühler of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. (ICEJ) Pablo Perez leads worship with a powerful rendition of the Lord’s Prayer and Wendy prays for the Peace of Jerusalem. You will also hear from Former Israeli Ambassador, Rami Levi who thanks GOD TV for our support and speaks of Wendy as a close friend of Israel. “One of GOD TV’s major mandates is Israel,” says Wendy. “Jesus was born a Jew and Israel is where He lived and was crucified. The Jewish people are the apple of God’s eye and even when the world may isolate Israel, we as born again believers will always stand with her.”

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