As you know our heart’s cry here in Hamburg is that ‘Europe shall be saved’. It’s a vision shared by the GOD TV team worldwide as well as our partner ministries across the continent.

However right now we are facing significant challenges and we need your help…

Firstly, our apologies if you have lost our signal on the Astra 19.2 satellite. We currently have an interruption to our service on this platform. We went off air on 10th September 2019 which is frustrating as we have much new programming coming up that we don’t want anyone to miss.

Secondly, if you are affected by this break in transmission please call us now on 0049 (0)40 80 6000 80 or email [email protected] for help.

Thirdly, let us know how you usually watch. This information is critical to enable us to make the right decisions concerning our ongoing European outreach.
Cindy Jacobs prophesied that the Lord would use GOD TV for a new wave of evangelism in Europe! We’ve seen the start of this since we became the Continent’s first daily Christian network in 1995. Our heart has always been to reach the lost and equip the Church across Europe providing a bold witness in the face of secular humanism.

For this reason, we have tightly held on to our free to air signal on several satellites including Hispasat, Eutelsat, Hotbird and two Astra satellites. This has given you and me the phenomenal opportunity to reach millions of homes!

For years these platforms have carried our life-changing programming and we have seen many people give their lives to Jesus. Our European office has received many testimonies as we have aired from European cities.

However, broadcasting is changing so fast, with new options coming to the forefront and this interruption is a timely opportunity to examine the effectiveness of the Astra 19.2 platform. We need to determine whether it is the best use of our resources, especially as we are still on the other satellites including Astra 28.2 and still on other satellites and available via webstreaming.
Please let us have your input as one of our VALUED EUROPEAN PARTNERS.
Call 0049 (0)40 80 6000 80 or email [email protected] – we want to know how you are affected.

We ask you to pray into this Astra 19.2 interruption and give us your feedback which is crucial in determining the way forward.

We thank God daily for all of our partners who support GOD TV’s outreach across Europe. We want to reach further than ever before through events like:

  • Awakening Europe (Nuremberg, Stockholm, Prague, Riga, Vienna)
  • The Presence Healing Conference (Geneva, Nijkerk, Lisbon)
  • Mission Possible, The Netherlands
  • Holy Spirit Nights (Stuttgart, Lisbon, Paris, Madrid, Warsaw, Odessa)
  • Burning Hearts in Ludenscheid, Germany
  • Christ for all Nations Fire Conference, Budapest
We hope to invest more in our content and look at ways we can increase our effectiveness through dubbing and translation, especially if we can reduce transmission costs. Together we can take the Gospel to Europe and beyond, reaching more people who don’t yet know our Saviour.

God is opening up phenomenal new ways for us to extend His Kingdom. We have just seen this in Israel. We also know He has much more for us to accomplish together in Europe!

Thank you for continuing to find ways to watch GOD TV where you live. It is our privilege to serve you. Europe shall be saved!

Andreas Kebernik
European Regional Manager
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Watch on your TV via the Internet. You just need a digital multimedia receiver from Apple or Roku. These are inexpensive and enable you access GOD TV in excellent quality.
We are on cable in some countries for example NetCologne in Germany
GOD TV is still available in Germany on the Couchfunk platform.
Reposition your satellite dish to Astra 28.2. Here are the specifications:
Satellite: Astra 2G
Orbital Position: 28.2°E
Frequency: 11.5675 GHz
Polarization: Vertical
Transponder Number: TP 96
Symbol Rate: 22.00 Msys/s
FEC: 5/6
SID: 54113

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