Be a Voice for the Unborn!
A GOD TV Initiative
God is moving powerfully through GOD TV right now, opening up phenomenal new ways for us to extend His Kingdom.
What a privilege it is to be part of what He is doing.
The truth is we had to change this letter at the last minute to tell you about one of our most exciting new projects. While it would have been far easier to proceed with our planned letter, all of us here at GOD TV agreed we must listen and follow what the Lord has for us.

So here I am bursting with anticipation about an unprecedented opportunity we have, as the GOD TV family, to bring hope and healing into what is a very difficult subject for many people.

We regularly get calls from viewers who have been affected by loss or abortion and need to receive comfort or forgiveness from the Lord.
Now as a ministry, we believe God is calling us to be a greater mouthpiece for the sanctity of life across the globe.
Over the years, we’ve often aired Pro-Life themed weekends, conferences and documentaries. This has been echoed through our blog posts and daily emails. Now through a partnership with the hugely influential Pro-Life movie, Unplanned we can make a huge impact on people on the ground.
Unplanned, the movie that softens hearts.
While it may seem impossible to counter the radical abortion lobby worldwide, there is hope when we look at the overwhelming success of this film. Despite advertising bans, being blocked on social media and a restrictive rating Unplanned has been a runaway success at the box office in the USA.

GOD TV and our faithful partners helped to promote this hugely influential film to American audiences when others refused to do so.
Now we are partnering with Unplanned to promote the rollout of the movie around the world. Starting with screening the film in colleges across the USA!
This gives you and me the ability to help overturn a growing bias in places where abortion is minimised or in worst cases even celebrated through the Shout Your Abortion campaign.

Unplanned has been described as a ‘major game-changer’ because it questions the way people think about abortion in a non-judgemental way. The film’s box office success has surprised Hollywood and hundreds of abortion workers have left the industry after seeing the film.
It tells the real-life story of Abby Johnson who was Planned Parenthood’s Employee of the Year in 2008. However, after ‘a Damascus Road’ experience, she turned her back on the abortion giant to become a Pro-Life activist. Only God could have engineered this 180-degree turnaround, just like He did with the Apostle Paul.

Now, we are believing that as we screen this film to students they too will have a complete change of heart. As this initial project gains momentum in the USA we aim to screen the film in universities in other nations.
Will you stand with us to make this happen?
So many viewers were staunchly Pro-Choice before seeing the movie and left the cinema, Pro-Life! Others have received healing from past abortions and many are finally seeing for the first-time what abortion looks like.
Through our upcoming broadcasts this month we want to tell people everywhere that ‘Life Matters!’ As we read in God’s Word, He has called us to be a voice for the voiceless:
“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.” Proverbs 31:8
We don’t want to condemn anyone, but rather focus on celebrating life. As believers, you and I treasure the destiny of everyone including the unborn. Each person is unique from conception and we lose something of immense value if they don’t come into this world.

This view is being eroded particularly at a college level where there is often an attack on personal identity. We want to tell each student that they are valuable, loved by God and have a future, just like every child.

Abortion is legally available on the NHS in England, Scotland and Wales up until 24 weeks. Following last year’s referendum it is now legal in Ireland. The law is similar in Scandinavia. For example in Norway, abortion on demand is available within 12 weeks then by appeal up to 22 weeks.

There are pregnancy centres including those run by Christians, but they are expected to offer impartial advice. We want to clearly inform women facing a pregnancy crisis of the Pro-Life options available to them as well as help all who have experienced feelings of loss through abortion or miscarriage, still birth or cot death. We want to help men and women working through post termination issues on the journey of recovery.
Will you help us do this through media?
As a media organization, we’re willing to make a bold stand and have the hard conversations with people on the ground. However, we can’t do it without you. We need all hands on deck – from activating our intercessors to sound legal counsel and of course the funds to make this happen.

You may have a son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, nephew, niece who needs to understand how much God values life. Through your support of Life Matters, you can be a life-giving voice to them and their friends!

Join us for our series of special broadcasts in October as we seek to help heal the shame and trauma of those who have lost a child – by choice or not. Join us we examine the value and sanctity of life, advocating the beauty of each individual’s unique destiny in this world.
Will you stand with us to take the message of the abundant life we have in Jesus Christ across the airwaves of the world and share the sanctity of life both here on earth and for eternity?
Would you consider giving a special one-off gift this month towards helping to change hearts and minds concerning abortion, bringing hope, healing and forgiveness.
Or would you consider giving a monthly donation to help us disciple viewers with a Biblical worldview on the sanctity of life? All donations will be used to both support Life Matters and the ongoing efforts of GOD TV.

The average student spends 9 hours a day online consuming content. Media is now the most powerful tool in the fight to win back our young people. We can use it to help shape their views and share the Gospel truth.

Helping to inform this generation will have a ripple effect for many generations to come. Let’s stand together and share the righteous choice when it comes to abortion and ending a God-given life.
This is a wonderful opportunity to impact people everywhere as we share the abundant life we have in Christ.
May God encourage you today in your walk with Jesus and help you to be a greater voice for those who cannot speak.

I sign off in great anticipation that you too will catch the heart for this movement. Let’s stand together and change lives.

Every blessing

Ian Young-Valentine
GOD TV Head of Partnerships
P.S. Don’t miss Life Matters on GOD TV this month!

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