Celebrate with us! GOD TV 25th Anniversary!
As regional director for the UK and Europe, I am thrilled to write to you today from London, the city where GOD TV started a quarter of a century ago. I am here with our CEO, Ward Simpson to record new programs and I want to share some of the far-reaching projects you are involved in as a GOD TV Partner, especially as we move into our 25th Anniversary Year.

GOD TV took to the airwaves on October 1st 1995, which is when we celebrate our birthday. However, just as our supernatural journey started several months beforehand, we are starting our 25th Anniversary Campaign this month. It will run for our full financial year and I personally invite you to participate – right from the start!

My wife Patricia and I have been partners since 1996 and I’ve worked fulltime for GOD TV since 2000, so we can truly testify to the ‘Miracles, Signs and Wonders’ (Hebrews 2:4) we have seen first-hand.
God has astounded us over and over and we know there is still so much more to come!
Of course, the greatest miracle of all is Salvation and we thank God for every person who has prayed with us to receive Jesus as Lord. We are also grateful for the many testimonies of supernatural healing and breakthrough we have received as a powerful witness of God’s goodness. As a GOD TV Partner you are already part of every life saved, family healed or community transformed.
Thank you for being part of the GOD TV family and this vision of Souls, Israel and Revival.
Now as we start our 25th Anniversary Campaign we believe God is calling us to do so much more, to double up on our efforts to shine God’s light into increasing darkness and to position GOD TV for the next 25 years.
Our goal is to raise $25 million this year to echo 25 years of ministry and to fuel us for the future.
They said it was impossible, but God…
Over the years the Lord has opened up many supernatural doors for GOD TV, taking our broadcasts from two hours to seven hours to 24 hours in Europe. We have also seen new studios and offices in the USA, UK, Europe, South Africa, Kenya, Israel, India, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Having lived in the USA I’ve always had a passion to see America impacted by a fresh approach to Christian TV. So, for me, one of GOD TV’s greatest breakthroughs came in 2006 when we launched on DIRECTV. They said it was impossible but God did it anyway!
Then, when it looked like we would be taken off DIRECTV, the huge satellite platform was faced with a public outcry. All seemed bleak, we were about to lose our entire US viewership when the Lord came through for us at the last minute. Amazingly, our contract was not only extended but DIRECTV awarded us ‘Public Interest’ status vastly reducing our broadcast costs.

We thank God for all He has done through this ministry.

We also thank our founders for the sacrifices they made to birth this ministry. What they started continues to grow and GOD TV has never been better positioned for global evangelism.
Supernaturally, God brought Ward Simpson to the ministry as our new CEO and he is leading us into a new season with a renewed commitment to Souls, Israel and Revival.
Now as we look to the future, our global outreach will extend even to the Jewish people via Shelanu TV, broadcasting in Hebrew in Israel.
As we enter our 25th Year I am more convinced than ever that God continues to call us as pioneers in media to bring in a vast harvest of souls across the earth!
Thank you for your faithful partnership. Our whole team in the UK bless you in the Name of Jesus. My prayer for you is that you would see supernatural breakthrough in your life this year.

May the Lord richly bless you and yours. Together we can reach the nations.

Your partner in the Great Commission.

Fergus Scarfe
GOD TV Regional Director for the UK and Europe
Increase Viewership
Helping to maintain and extend the global distribution of GOD TV to some one billion people and enabling you and I to reach more people and where possible in their own language.
Boost Programming
By creating targeted and creative new series that will reach viewers in ways that are relevant to them.
Be at the Cutting Edge
Through research and development that will break new ground for us to reach viewers in new ways via our online outreach and through the GOD TV App.
Reach out to ‘Widows and Orphans’
By empowering GOD TV to champion humanitarian projects on the ground where people are suffering; in accordance with James 1:27.
Get Behind Godly Causes
Standing together in our advocacy of pressing issues to the 21st Century Church, including the sanctity of life through LIFE MATTERS etc.
Jasvinder was a Sikh but gave her heart to the Lord while watching GOD TV many years ago. One by one, each of her four daughters got saved.

It was only her son who was still an unbeliever but he couldn’t help watching GOD TV. Now he travels the world with a major Christian ministry!

Together we can be a part of more testimonies of God’s goodness like this one. It tells the story of an entire family that was saved and is just one of many testimonies that have come in from viewers over the years.

We want to see many more lives saved, families impacted and people healed by the supernatural power of God according to Luke 7:22:
“Jesus answered and said to them, “Go and tell John the things you have seen and heard: that the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, the poor have the Gospel preached to them.”
Do you have a testimony of how GOD TV has touched your life? Please click here to share it with us!

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