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It inspires me to see how God is moving across all our regions despite these tough times and I wanted to share this letter so that you too would be encouraged. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the Body of Christ is taking up the challenge to shine for Jesus, Hallelujah! As the GOD TV family we are standing together to support one another and to see many more souls saved through media. This update includes the remarkable testimony of how God is working through GOD TV to extend His Kingdom all around the world.

Just as we stand together in prayer, we can also celebrate together about all that God has and is still doing.

Through your prayers and faithful giving you have helped to make each one of these testimonies possible. I thank God for you and want to say thank you on behalf of all the God TV team.
“GOD TV is a ‘lifeline’ for me spiritually, in a small town,” says John in Adelaide while Sue in Melbourne says, “Thank you for all the love and prayers during this time.” Shalini shares that her children got saved through GOD TV and Nicchia says she gave her life to Jesus watching in a prison cell.
It’s testimonies like these that inspire our team in Melbourne in their outreach to Australasia. Headed by Wayne Knapman, they know that despite the obstacles in our way, we will overcome. Australia has of course, had to deal with devastating fires this year and now Covid-19, however, Wayne remains full of faith.

“God wants to develop in us ‘a faith that can move mountains.’ That is what this global crisis has taught me.” he says, “And, for this to happen we must stand together in love. (1 Corinthians 13:2)

Wayne is currently spearheading a new series on GOD TV entitled Moving Mountains. This will rally believers to unite in mountain- moving prayer for breakthrough in every area of life. I don’t know what ‘mountain’ you face today but all of us at GOD TV want to stand with you to see it cast into the sea. So, look out for this new series coming to your TV screen soon.
“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God” 2 Corinthians 1:3-4
“It is through GOD TV I came to know Jesus,” says Sheela, “Then my husband accepted Jesus and got baptized! I am so thankful. Without your Partners this wouldn’t have happened.”
We rejoice with Sheela and stand with Thomas Robinson and his team in Chennai as they share the Gospel in a region where there are so many ‘gods’. The team here is currently planning broadcasts around the theme ‘Rebuild’. This will challenge viewers to be modern-day Nehemiahs, helping to rebuild people’s lives. It will include testimonies of what God is doing in India, Pakistan, Nepal and beyond.

“Nehemiah led the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, However, he didn’t do this alone, he had people helping him,” says Thomas. “This is what GOD TV is doing today, rebuilding people’s lives and we must stand together to accomplish this.”

Will you stand with us this June to help rebuild people’s lives through God-inspired programming? Together we can help them come to faith and empower them to move ‘mountains’.
Sri Lanka
“I was losing faith, feeling lost and empty. I felt let down by God because everything was a struggle,” wrote a partner from Sri Lanka, battling lockdown. “However, I sent in a prayer request and against all odds, my visa has been granted, enabling us to be reunited despite travel restrictions
It’s wonderful to see how God cares about every detail of our lives and how He answers prayer. Our intercessory teams count it a privilege to pray for our Partners. Remember we are here for you!

It is also great to see how some of our GOD TV teams are making a difference in practical ways. As part of GOD TV’s response to Covid-19, our regional office in Colombo has been distributing food parcels to the poorest communities. We are thankful to all our Partners who have enabled David Nicolle and his team to support those most in need. David has led many humanitarian efforts in Sri Lanka and you can read more about this on GOD TV.com
Saudi Arabia
It is when we stand together that we give God space to move in people’s lives, people like Tasneem who watches GOD TV behind closed doors:
“When there was nothing, God was there, through GOD TV!” he says. “I was a Muslim but was overwhelmed by the love of Jesus and accepted Christ. My parents came to know about my faith and are trying to force me to follow Islamic rules here in Saudi Arabia. I watch GOD TV… secretly and, I know Jesus loves me.”
Stand with us further as we take the life-changing Gospel of Jesus to the nations, especially where churches are not allowed.
Vimbai was training to be a witchdoctor when she stumbled across our programming. “I noticed the room would turn a bit brighter whenever I switched GOD TV on,” she writes, “It was as if Jesus would walk out of the TV screen into our lounge… Soon I found the courage to receive Him as Lord. He forgave me of my terrible sins and delivered me from the threats on my life.”
Our team in South Africa led by Marcél Olivier have such a wide harvest field in front of them. He and the team in Cape Town continue to pray powerfully for viewers on our daily Prayer Time series and it was good to hear Marcél share on one of our Covid-19 broadcasts. This can be watched on demand at god.tv along with many other life-changing programmes.
United States
Susie in Ohio writes that when she chose her TV package on DirecTV she had to ensure GOD TV was included. “I can’t live without it,” she says, “GOD TV has encouraged me through many phases of my life.”
Our team in North America continues to go from strength to strength to minister to you, just like Susie. Our CEO, Ward Simpson has been able to join us most days via webstream from the USA bringing encouragement and words of hope. We have also been able to share inspirational messages from key leaders across America.
United Kingdom
“GOD TV has truly opened my heart and life to God and all He offers which is amazing,” says Jaimela in Wolverhampton. Thank you, GOD TV Partners for giving me a strong connection to God and playing a role in my salvation. He is my rock and foundation and GOD TV is helping me through this time in isolation.”
This is why my colleague Fergus Scarfe and I have been hosting regular LIVE broadcasts in response to Covid-19 and will now bring you Standing Together LIVE daily. As Regional Director for the UK, Fergus has such a heart to comfort viewers. “No matter what circumstances you find yourself, know that God’s grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect when we are weak,” he says.

It has been a privilege to stand together as the GOD TV family on air, with many special guests both here in the UK and abroad.
We have been so blessed by your response, including Naomi. “Thank you to all GOD TV’s partners for being a source of strength to many people,” she says. “My life was upside down but GOD TV has given me hope.”
Our Partnerships manager, Emma Abbott and Head of HR, Claire Worth have also found it a joy to encourage viewers from their homes. So, stay tuned for more from the UK as we bring you more original programming. You may have received one of the thousands of ‘care calls’ our Partnership Team has been making daily. Thanks to your support we have been able to comfort bereaved families, pray for the sick and intercede for those who have lost their livelihoods. One testimony that touches my heart comes from Elaine.
She called in to request prayer for her daughter Sharon who was on life support with Covid-19. It was touch and go but Praise God Sharon is now out of a coma. “This is a miracle,” Elaine says. “ Jesus opened Sharon’s eyes. He is still walking the earth today, bringing healing. I want to shout it from the rooftops.”
Lockdown has forced each of us to be more focused and I have felt really close to God at this time. I feel that God has revealed to many of us the things that break His heart and He challenges us to be moved to compassion as Jesus was and is. All of us at GOD TV are praying for you. Know that He loves you passionately and has a purpose for your life that is filled with Hope. In Him you have peace on earth and eternal salvation. Speak to Him, He has all the answers you need. May you know His peace that surpasses all understanding in every situation.
Now is the Time
We need your support now more than ever. We have the biggest opportunity to reach people especially through media right now. It’s not surprising that people who are stuck at home are searching for answers online and on-air. God sustained GOD TV for such a time as this. Let’s not miss our opportunity to reach people for Christ and see a great revival through media. Your donations fuel this ministry to share the gospel truth of Jesus when many churches around the world are shut. You ensure Christians around the world continue to be fed and you make sure those that are seeking find a safe haven in their new family called GOD TV who continue to teach the truth of Jesus Christ 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

I really cannot explain the gravity of this opportunity, literally media is making all the difference right now and we need you to help us. We must continue to expand our reach, make new God anointed programming and lift up the name of Jesus. I have no words to describe the need we see in the world right now. We have seen an unprecedent increase in desperate calls, letters and emails of people crying out in prayer. We are doing the best we can but more can be done. You can make all the difference by standing with us financially today. Please make sure GOD TV continues to be the source of many more testimonies by giving today.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart with all my love and prayers.

Ian Young Valentine
UK, Europe and Nordic Operations Director

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