From the desk of
Fergus Scarfe
We live in extraordinary times for the Gospel of Jesus. Never before has there been so many ways to share with a hurting world that Jesus saves, Jesus heals, Jesus can set YOU free!

But there’s also never been a greater time of need.

People across the globe are truly suffering and nations are falling into strife.
But we have the answer…the ONLY answer! AND JESUS IS HIS NAME!
Every day, YOUR GOD TV broadcasts the life-changing GOOD NEWS OF JESUS into over 310 million homes around the world, and to over 10 million on social media and the internet, and every day we receive emails from our viewers thanking us AND YOU for the difference YOU ARE MAKING in their daily lives:
  • Christiane from France says:
    “My husband passed away after 46 years together and GOD TV has been my daily companion. You have been my strength, hope & fellowship.” 
  • Debra from the US says:
    “God used GOD TV to refresh and minister to my soul. I am grateful and blessed!” 
  • VM from Norway says:
    “I thank GOD TV for spreading the gospel to every nation and to my home. Through GOD TV I have learnt to know God deeply and I thank Him for his grace and favour on me and my family. I am under the goodness and kindness of my Lord and Savior.” 
Last year, our team filmed a terrific interview with Pastor Benny Hinn’s daughter, Jessica Koulianos. She and her husband Michael head up Jesus Image Ministries and as GOD TV, we partner with them to bring you their annual Jesus Conference…one of my favourite events of the year.

During her interview, Jessica shared how she’d been through a season of depression and even a “full on nervous breakdown”. It was difficult to hear.

As Jessica shared her story, about the love and grace she found at the feet of Jesus, I asked her to pray for “any other Jessica’s out there” who may be facing similar trials and need the hope that she has found.

Well, one young “Jessica” from the UK desperately needed a word from the Lord. She was struggling with loneliness and the word she heard on GOD TV…
speaking straight from the Father’s Heart, SET HER FREE!
Precious Partner, GOD TV has always been God’s idea and He’s never changed His mind about it! Through your precious love, prayers and financial partnership YOUR GOD TV is making an eternal difference in the world today, but we feel we can do so much more.

You may never get behind a TV camera or sit in an editing suite, but AS A MEDIA MISSIONARY, you are an essential part of all we accomplish TOGETHER at GOD TV!

Our passion is to be ministry-oriented; to reach and serve the least, the last and the lost in every way we can. To boldly proclaim His Mandate of SOULS, ISRAEL & REVIVAL, through media to the Nations of the World.
But to do this… to make the impact we believe the Lord has called us to do TOGETHER IN PARTNERSHIP WITH YOU, we need your help today.
Will you please sow a generous gift into GOD TV this month? Your love and kindness can ensure that we are there to make a world of difference in someone’s hour of need. If your not already doing so, will you please consider setting up a monthly gift with GOD TV? This helps us to budget for the future and see how much further we can take the Gospel.

We so love and appreciate you. You are always in our prayers. Truly we’re partnering together to take the Good News of Jesus to the nations of the world.

With all our love & thanks,

Fergus Scarfe
UK & Europe Regional Director, GOD TV

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