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Our Global Reach
the world
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From the world to the world

For close on 25 years GOD TV has presented a diverse schedule of hope-filled programming from the world to the world.

What started in 1995 as Europe’s first daily Christian network now has a global reach that comprises five regional broadcast feeds, representation on the ground in 10 countries and international coverage across multiple platforms including satellite, cable, terrestrial, and IPTV.

These countries include:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Israel
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Kenya
  • South Africa
  • Australia
satellite coverage
Our GOD TV satellite coverage
Our GOD TV regional offices around the world are covered by the following satellites:
  • Asia - Intelsat 17 (IS-17) C-Band Global Beam
  • Africa - Intelsat 20  - 68.5° East
  • Scandinavia - Astra 4A - 5° East
  • Australia - Optus D2: 152° East
  • USA - SES1 - 101° West
  • Europe - SES19.2 East
  • UK & Europe - Astra 2G - 28.2°
  • DIRECTV in the USA
  • Sky and Freesat in the UK
  • YahLive via YahSat in the Middle East
  • Diaglog TV and DishTV in Sri Lanka
  • Viasat in Scandinavia
  • Tata Sky, Airtel, Videocon D2h and Sun Direct in India
  • Y1A 52.5 East in the Middle East
  • Intelsat17 in Asia
  • Optus D2: 152° East in Australia
  • SES1 - 101° West in the USA
  • Astra 2G - 28.2° East in the UK & Europe
  • Astra 4A - 5° East in Scandinavia
  • Intelsat 20 - 68.5° East in Africa
  • Nearly 100 million homes in India
  • Virgin Cable in the UK
  • Various platforms in Scandinavia & Mainland Europe
  • NumerouscableoperatorsacrossNepal & Thailand
  • Multichoice TV in Barbados
  • PEO TV in Sri Lanka
  • Multiple NCTC operators throughout North America.
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Zattoo
  • Net Range, Select TV (and others)
viewers from
coast to coast
Inspiring viewers from coast to coast

Originally a British endeavor, GOD TV is now just as much an American phenomenon. Today much of the network’s leadership is based in the USA as are many of its key influencers.

The network’s worldwide broadcast licence is held by Angel Christian Television Trust Inc, a US non-profit.

GOD TV opened its first office in the USA in 1997 and had premises in Washington, DC and Kansas City, MO. It now operates from studios in Orlando FL with its global playout in Miami, FL.

GOD TV launched on DIRECTV in 2006 where it remains on Channel 365 with a consistent, growing viewership. Over the past 13 years GOD TV has also been carried on cable or terrestrial platforms in different US cities at various intervals.

GOD TV’s President and CEO Ward Simpson is based in Miami.

GOD TV has become a firm favorite in America due to its unique blend of international content that offers viewers a window on the world. This includes several original series produced in the USA. GOD TV is also known for carrying more LIVE events than any other Christian broadcaster.

A significant
global reach
A significant global reach

GOD TV has a global reach of some 1 billion viewers, comprising a potential audience of about 300 million connected homes.

Some of the broadcast platforms that carry GOD TV are listed below:

  • Virgin Media
  • DirecTV
  • Sky
  • Freesat
  • Canal Digitaal
  • Viasat
  • Canalsat
  • Tata/Sky
  • Airtel
  • DishTV
  • MultiChoice
  • Yahlive
  • AppleTV
  • Roku
  • Zattoo

The network also reaches more than 14 million people through its combined online and social media outreach, which has proved to be an effective tool in promoting new broadcast platforms and programming.

Emerging Leaders
Making a
on the ground
Making a difference on the ground

Over the past two and a half decades GOD TV has built up a mass audience across the airwaves that trusts its presenters on the ground, who they’ve come to know and love.

Each local anchor or regional leader runs a self-sustaining office for GOD TV in their part of the world with partner service teams ready to connect with viewers in diverse call centers.

They also contribute to GOD TV’s global schedule in their own way or host a local series. Each is featured on GOD TV daily pray series; Fergus Scarfe hosts UK & Europe Update; Ron Cantor, Out Of Zion; and Marcél Olivier, Encounter God Differently.

Introducing 11 GOD TV influencers who represent the network across the nations.

  • Ward Simpson (USA)
  • Fergus Scarfe (UK & Europe)
  • Andreas Kebernik (Germany)
  • Stuart and Giné Glover (Nordic)
  • Ron Cantor (Israel)
  • Thomas Robinson (Asia)
  • David Nicole (Sri Lanka)
  • Cliff Sumalpong (The Philippines)
  • Marcél Olivier (Africa)
  • Wayne Knapman (Australasia)
From old
favorites to
fresh voices
From old favourites to fresh voices

GOD TV provides a unique television experience that is a good mix of motivational and educational teaching; issues-based films and documentaries; conferences for men, women and youth; empowering series for entrepreneurs; uplifting music programs; must-watch international events and other inspirational content.

The network embraces diversity across its schedule featuring popular male and female leaders from different churches, cultures and countries – providing viewers with a rich choice of programming much of it exclusive to GOD TV.

Speakers include those with mass followings as well as new and emerging leaders who are impacting global audiences.

Original Programming
Live Events
GOD TV Live Events

Known to broadcast more LIVE events than any other Christian network, GOD TV brings a sense of immediacy and excitement to the platforms that carry it, with up-to-the-minute, cutting-edge content from must-see LIVE events in different countries.

Over the past 13 years since it launched in the USA GOD TV has televised large-scale Christian events from stadia across America and the world. At times this means breaking with its schedule, or broadcasting the main sessions on air with uninterrupted coverage on its dedicated LIVE stream. www.god.tv/live-events. Just some of these include:

Top 10 Live Events in North America:

  • Azusa Now, Los Angeles, CA
  • The Altar LIVE from Fresno CA
  • SoCal Harvest from California
  • Worship On The Rocks, Morrison, CO
  • Jesus Conference, Orlando, FL
  • Jesus Conference, Houston, TX
  • CAP with Guillermo Maldonado from Miami, FL
  • TheCall from cities across the USA
  • US National Day of Prayer, Washington, DC
  • Light The Fire Again, Toronto, Canada

Top 10 International Live Events:

  • Jesus Culture Europe from the UK
  • Call For Prayer from Plymouth, England
  • Awakening Europe LIVE from Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic
  • Holy Spiri Nights in Stuttgart, Germany
  • The Presence Conference from Switzerland
  • The Feast of Tabernacles from Israel
  • Day To Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem
  • Angus Buchan LIVE from South Africa
  • Christ for all Nations Crusades, Nigeria
Original Productions
from around
the world
Original Productions from around the World

GOD TV is known for its exclusive original programming created in each of its regions.

  • Today with Ward with Ward Simpson (USA) The network’s flagship magazine series hosted by GOD TV’s CEO featuring interviews with prominent Christian leaders.
  • Visions From Heaven with Wendy Alec (UK)
  • Call For Prayer, LIVE (USA & UK) An opportunity for viewers to call in with their needs, featuring well known prayer leaders.
  • Good News with Daniel Kolenda (USA) Hosted by Daniel Kolenda of CfaN this daily series offers encouragement to viewers.
  • Questioning Christianity (UK) A thought-provoking panel discussion featuring theologians from different streams.
  • Church With GOD TV with John Kilpatrick (USA)
  • Let’s Get Real (UK) A down to earth series hosted by a diverse panel looking at various life issues.
  • [email protected] – Rich Marshall (USA) A marketplace ministry series featuring Rich Marshall aimed at building enterpreneurs.
  • Books for Life (UK) Showcasing the latest reads and highlighting top Christian authors.
  • Supernatural Life with Patricia King (USA) A series with Patricia King that looks at how God can intervene in impossible situations.
  • Out of Zion with Ron Cantor (Israel)
  • Throne Room Prayer with Lila Terhube (USA)
  • Jesus Culture, Manchester (UK)
  • Prophetic Edge with Larry Sparks (USA)
  • Awakening Australia (Australia)
  • UK & Europe Updates A British/ European interview Series hosted by Fergus Scarfe featuring Christian leaders who are making a difference in their communities.
Why should
you include
your platform?
Why should you
include GOD TV
on your platform?
1 GOD TV’s exclusive international schedule positions it as a forerunner in Christian media. Most of its programming cannot be seen elsewhere.

2 It already has international name recognition with an established brand and mass following that will enhance any broadcast platform.

3 GOD TV’s global reach extends to some 1 billion viewers, comprising a potential audience of about 300 million connected homes.

4 It also has a combined following of some 14 million people on social media and an online magazine (GODTV.com) with over 3 million hits per month.

5 The network is also enjoying rapid growth with millions of unique visitors accessing its apps and VOD library.

6 GOD TV is a unique faith-based broadcaster with a British flavor that is popular in the USA and elsewhere.

7 The network provides viewers with all the latest on issues that affect viewer’s lives, presenting a Biblical worldview, while examining other perspectives.

8 GOD TV targets leaders and emerging leaders who want to see stronger communities develop, whether in their families, youth group, marketplace or church environment

9 It has a strong focus on the 18 to 25-year- old demographic providing educational and informational series for young adults.

10 More LIVE broadcasts of Christian events from across the globe than any other television network.
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