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Why should you
include GOD TV
on your platform?
1 GOD TV’s exclusive international schedule positions it as a forerunner in Christian media. Most of its programming cannot be seen elsewhere.

2 It already has international name recognition with an established brand and mass following that will enhance any broadcast platform.

3 GOD TV’s global reach extends to some 1 billion viewers, comprising a potential audience of about 300 million connected homes.

4 It also has a combined following of some 14 million people on social media and an online magazine (GODTV.com) with over 3 million hits per month.

5 The network is also enjoying rapid growth with millions of unique visitors accessing its apps and VOD library.

6 GOD TV is a unique faith-based broadcaster with a British flavor that is popular in the USA and elsewhere.

7 The network provides viewers with all the latest on issues that affect viewer’s lives, presenting a Biblical worldview, while examining other perspectives.

8 GOD TV targets leaders and emerging leaders who want to see stronger communities develop, whether in their families, youth group, marketplace or church environment

9 It has a strong focus on the 18 to 25-year- old demographic providing educational and informational series for young adults.

10 More LIVE broadcasts of Christian events from across the globe than any other television network.
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GOD TV receives hundreds of emails, letters and calls from viewers each day, writing to say that GOD TV is their lifeline. Viewers will be so grateful to your platform for carrying GOD TV’s life-changing programming.
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