David Pawson
(1930 – 2020)
We remember the great british bible teacher, David pawson who inspired so many viewers over 25 years of god tv.
David Pawson was ever the English gentleman, but with a fearlessness to teach God’s Word without compromise and a boldness to tackle heated issues of the day. He was dearly loved by Christians worldwide and especially in the UK where he was born in 1930 and lived to the great age of 90.

Though he had advanced cancer and was living in a nursing home he remained full of faith to the end. “I cannot complain and I am just so grateful to everyone for the love and kindness I receive,” he shared in his last post on social media.
Sadly, David passed away on 21st May 2020. Significantly, on Ascension Day when we remember the physical departure of Christ from earth into the presence of God in Heaven. How poignant that David is now with his beloved Lord Jesus. We are sure he was welcomed with the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:23)

Those words capture everything David was and everything he humbly represented. Though he was a leading international Bible teacher and Christian apologist, he simply thought of himself as God’s servant and leaves a wonderful example for us to follow – a gentle humility coupled with unshakeable courage.
David was a leading British voice on GOD TV for many years. He was often interviewed for our In Depth series with David Aldous. He also had his own regular series on GOD TV, where his easy to understand teaching style was appreciated by viewers across the globe. More recently, viewers will remember the IHOPKC Seminar with David Pawson. He was a great friend of Israel and one of his most popular teachings was entitled ‘Israel, The Church and the End Times’.

David was also a prolific author. His book, Unlocking The Bible: A Unique Overview of the Whole Bible is considered essential reading for all believers. Our friend, David may have gone, but he leaves us the David Pawson Online Teaching Library which will continue to inspire Christians for many years to come.