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TheCry Montreal

TheCry Montreal

- Faytene Grasseschi
United States: 02 July at 14:15

Canada is open to the reign of Jesus!

Experience a Joel 2 time of fasting, worship and intercession, focused primarily on the nation of Canada. Hosted by revivalist, Faytene Grasseschi with other prayer leaders, TheCRY seeks to facilitate a time of repentance, forgiveness and healing.

There is repentance for separatism between English and French; Quebec, and the other provinces of Canada; as well as for the country opening its doors to secularism, moral compromise and fatherlessness. Prayers of repentance and healing are also lifted up for the unborn and an end to abortion.

Participate in prayers for the First Peoples of the Land and for the Jewish People and a call for prodigals to return home. Join in the anointed worship and intercede for Great Harvest. “The gates of the nation are open to the reign of Jesus!” says Faytene.

Times are subject to change.