Title: Revival Alert - Day 4 - Israel
Speaker: Programme
Theme: GOD TV Vision, Who is Jesus?, Revival
Series: Revival Alert
Duration: 1h 58m

With Rory Alec and special guests: Barry & Batya Segal, Asher Intrater & Jan Willem van der Hoeven

Day 4 of Revival Alert is hosted by Rory Alec along with Fergus Scarfe, Bo Sander and Steve Beik and focuses on Israel on the eve of her 2013 election.

Our friends Barry & Batya Segal of Vision for Israel and Joseph Storehouse share vibrant Messianic praise and worship and sing over the prayer requests and pledges on the altar. (Their series, Roots & Reflections can be seen on GOD TV)

Asher Intrater of Revive Israel Ministries and Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director of the International Christian Zionist Centre, share God’s heart for Israel and pray for the nation’s new government and future. Asher heads up a Messianic congregation in Jerusalem and believes it is only through Jesus that Arabs and Jews can be reconciled. Jan Willem speaks passionately about how his Arab wife came to the realisation that you cannot love God without loving His people.

“We’re doing kingdom business at the beginning of 2013” says Rory Alec. “We’re in Jerusalem because God has instructed us to get ready for the Third Great Awakening that Wendy was led to decree last year. Revival is coming to your town, there is a Tsunami of revival coming, the angelic host is waiting, and we need to get ready.”

Keywords: GOD TV, Rory and Wendy Alec, Revival, Chris Cole, Barry and Batya Segal, Jan Willem Van Der Hoeven
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