Title: Revival Alert - Day 3 - What Really Happened At Lakeland?
Speaker: Programme
Theme: GOD TV Vision, Who is Jesus?, Revival
Series: Revival Alert
Duration: 2h 47m

Hear Todd Bentley's side of the story…

Join Rory & Wendy in GOD TV’s Jerusalem studio as they ask Todd Bentley the tough questions GOD TV viewers have sent in, as they seek to bring closure to the Lakeland Revival.

Todd is the founder of Fresh Fire ministries, the leader of the Lakeland Revival, which was televised on GOD TV in 2008 before he stepped down. Now, back in ministry, he seeks to be reconciled with the GOD TV family.

“Forgive me for failing – forgive me for letting you down - forgive me for the disappointment,” Todd asks.

"What can wash away my sin, nothing but the Blood of Jesus," sings Pablo Perez as Rory & Wendy publicly forgive Todd and also ask for your forgiveness if you were hurt because of the broadcasts at Lakeland.

Comments from viewers:

• “Praise God for what has taken place today! A man of God who made a mistake coming back to ask for forgiveness! Powerful indeed.” – Gregory.
• “Words can’t express what I just witnessed, an amazing moment.” – Cristina.
• “Incredible interview thank you for the courage to air it and Todd for the courage to do it! Appreciate the honesty and openness.” – Wayne.
• “An epic and historic moment! Touched my heart.” – Matthias.

Keywords: GOD TV, Rory and Wendy Alec, Revival, Forgiveness, Todd Bentley, Rick Joyner,
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