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Matt Sorger Ministries

Power for Life - Change Your World!

How does the church arise to faceoff the weakening spiritual condition of America and the nations. What is the kind of reformation and awakening needed for the church to meet the challenge of encroaching Islam and Sharia Law. Prophet Cindy Jacobs explains.

Founder: Matt Sorger
Location: New York (USA)

‘As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.’ (Psalm 42:1)

Matt Sorger Ministries is impassioning believers to spend more and more time with God – deepening relationship with Him and learning more about His Will. Matt Sorger Ministries wants to see “the fire of God in the church, on the church and released through the church to the world.” The ministry trains up believers to fulfill their God-given destinies and to go out and evangelize, raising up leaders who are filled with the Holy Spirit and whose strength and vision are drawn solely from the Lord.

About Matt Sorger:
Anointed in the prophetic, and often displaying the miracle and healing power of God in his meetings, Matt Sorger is an international prophetic revivalist and teacher of the Word. Hosting revival and healing meetings and crusades, Matt is also instrumental in training leaders and pastors. His vision is to see the power of God displayed in signs and wonders so that those who do not yet know the Lord will see His power and believe.

Series on GOD TV:
Power for Life – Matt Sorger
Bringing fresh teachings and victory-based messages to GOD TV screens, Matt Sorger’s series ‘Power for Life’ is an unconventional show with an anointing that demonstrates the power of God. Through this series Matt clearly demonstrates that God is just as concerned with the miraculous now as He was when Jesus walked the earth.
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