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Media Release: NOVEMBER 03, 2010

Over the past weeks GOD TV has received numerous reports of miraculous healings taking place in Mobile, AL. Now this weekend the global network will broadcast three meetings LIVE from the ‘Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival’ on GOD TV, with US Pastor, John Kilpatrick and British Evangelist, Nathan Morris.

Called after the original name given to Mobile Bay on early Spanish maps, ‘Bahía del Espíritu Santo’, (Bay of The Holy Spirit), the Revival started at the Church of His Presence in Daphne, AL in July and has overflowed to the Mobile Convention Center in Mobile, AL to accommodate the growing crowds that continue to gather each weekend.

John Kilpatrick is the pastor of Church of His Presence and a revivalist who, along with Evangelist Steve Hill, led the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola. This featured regularly on GOD TV in the late 1990s and John believes what is happening in Alabama is a continuation of that revival which saw countless lives changed. Nathan Morris is a healing evangelist from Sheffield, England, who heads up the ministry, Shake the Nations.

Over the past weeks hundreds of thousands of You Tube viewers have watched numerous healings take place at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival including the real life miracle of Delia Knox who was paralyzed from the waist down for 22 years but who, after prayer, supernaturally got out of her wheelchair and walked. The video of Delia’s healing has received over 180,000 hits to date and now more than 169 million connected homes worldwide will be able to experience this extraordinary move of God in Alabama, via GOD TV.

Viewers can watch the Bay of the Holy Spirit exclusively on GOD TV this Friday through Sunday, (November 5th, 6th and 7th) at 9.30 pm (EST) with worship led by Lydia Stanley and ministry by John Kilpatrick and Nathan Morris. The LIVE broadcasts are time-shifted for prime-time viewing across the globe.

“Salvation and healing go hand in hand and we have seen hundreds of people give their lives to Christ as they experience the power of God at work,” said Nathan Morris. “Miracles and healings are continuing each night. The lame walk, the blind see, deaf ears open and terminal illnesses are healed. We invite viewers to watch and experience this for themselves.”

Wendy Alec, who is GOD TV’s Director of Television said the network was committed to break into its schedule to broadcast revival as it happens across the globe. “It’s our heartfelt mission to take the Lord’s presence into people’s homes through our programming. So many of our viewers were transformed by Brownsville, Lakeland and the IHOPU Student Awakening and I know many more will be impacted by these broadcasts from Alabama.”

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