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GOD TV celebrates 10 years in Africa


2012 marks GOD TV’s 10th Anniversary of broadcasting across Africa and GOD TV CEO, Rory Alec was in South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania recently to film updates of what GOD TV has accomplished in Africa over the past 10 years. These will be televised on GOD TV over the next few months.

GOD TV opened its Africa office in Cape Town in early 2001 as GOD TV commenced broadcasting across the continent of Africa via satellite. Since then GOD TV has built up a loyal viewership that has grown to include viewers in over 50 African nations. A second regional office was opened in Kenya in 2009 and GOD TV has just launched on KISS TV in Kenya reaching a further four million viewers.

Over the past decade GOD TV has aired several LIVE broadcasts of mass events in Africa including Reinhard Bonnke direct from Nigeria and Angus Buchan’s Mighty Men’s Conferences with hundreds of thousands of men in attendance. In December 2011 GOD TV hosted its first major Christmas production, 'Christmas With GOD TV' which was recorded in Cape Town with the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and broadcast globally.

GOD TV also has a strong charitable outreach in several African nations. In South Africa it helps feed hundreds of school children daily through Jesus Cares Ministries and it supports Kondanani Childrens’ Village in Malawi, a country of one million orphans. It has assisted with a hydro-electric water project in Zambia and the drilling of several wells to provide clean water to desperate villagers in arid areas of Kenya and Tanzania.

Fourteen Behind the Screens Africa Specials will air on GOD TV over the next few months featuring the five-nation trip to Africa led by Rory Alec and the network’s far-reaching new project, ‘Conquer Your Mountain’. A GOD TV team led by CEO Rory Alec and a production crew are planning to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in March 2013 and broadcast the climb LIVE to the world over several days in what would be a broadcast first.

The BTS Africa specials include interviews recorded in South Africa with Graham Power, founder of the Global Day of Prayer; Fiona Des Fontaine, pastor of His Church in Pinetown; and evangelist Angus Buchan at his farm in Greytown. Rory Alec also brings an update from Jesus Cares Ministries in his hometown of Rustenburg.

An update on the work of Annie Chikhwaza at Kondanani Children’s Village is televised from Malawi as well as a report on the ministry of Rolland and Heidi Baker who feed thousands of children in Mozambique. While in Kenya Rory Alec officially opened a new premises for GOD TV and interviewed Patrick Quarcoo, the head of KISS TV.

“I invite viewers to join Rory over the next few months for a great African adventure as he takes them from Cape Town to the middle of the African Continent in Tanzania,” said Wendy Alec who is GOD TV’s director of television.”

“GOD TV is committed to making a difference in Africa as we reach further across the African continent,” said Rory Alec. “There is great poverty, but there is also great potential amongst the people of Africa. We will continue to expand the reach of GOD TV, switching on more homes and we look forward to the next 10 years.”

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