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Kondanani Childrens Village

Psalm 68:5 'A Father to the fatherless'

As part of GOD TV's vision to reach out to the lost and hurting, it is a privilege for the ministry and our partners to be able to support the Kondanani Children's Village in Malawi each month as part of our tithe. Featured regularly on GOD TV, this organisation benefits the lives of many children, some of which have been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, by caring for them, encouraging their development and improving their quality of life.

Annie Chikhwaza is a dedicated caregiver and the founder of Kondanani who at a time when many other orphanages would not admit babies because of the cost, embarked on admitting these little ones so that they would not be left to die in the villages. Now with close on 200 orphans in her care it is heart-rending to see how these children are blossoming. With a talented choir, a growing orchestra and brand new art classes, they are developing all kinds of skills which will give them a brighter future.

Annie was recently appeared on a GOD TV In Depth Special where she was interviewed by Liz Ray about her biography, 'Mother of Malawi'. The book can be purchased at GODShop.

Your gift goes on! When you make an online donation to GOD TV today, towards taking the Gospel around the world through media, you are also helping ministries like Kondanani as part of GOD TV's commitment to care for widows and orphans (James 1:27). So please consider making a donation now.

For more information about Kondanani and how you can get involved as a volunteer to assist them in their mission to bring belonging, love, care and education visit:

Kondanani - We don't keep children, but love and care for children.


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