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A Night in the Desert

Posted on 23/05/2013 - 4:43am

A Night in the Desert

Imagine a silence so great that it fills your ears. Is that even possible?
In the desert.
At night.
It is.

As part of the GOD TV 2013 Israel Tour you will sleep beneath an infinite night sky in the Judean Desert. Camping near Masada – the desert fortress overlooking the Dead Sea – the popular Kfar Hanokdim will be your home away from home, with a delightful twist. This thoroughly safe tented area promises an authentic Bedouin experience: from décor to dining.

There’s an old Bedouin saying that maintains: “The heart sees before the eyes and the eyes eat before the mouth”. And Kfar Hanokdim’s fully equipped goats’ hair tents with vibrant bedding, spiced teas and elaborate meals are testament to this truth.

The buzz of the evening will culminate in “A Cry in the Wilderness Prayer Event” with well-known leaders Faytene Grasseschi, Patricia King and Matt Sorger. This will be a powerful time of atmosphere shifting; praying for Israel and the nations as we prepare the way of our coming Messiah. Imagine the weight of the moment as the desert vastness is filled with hundreds of voices – all crying out to the God of Israel from the heart of the Judean Desert.

Much later, as the voices quieten and the night settles, you will be privy to a shimmering sky, quite like anything you may have seen before.

As sunrise warms the next morning, savour some traditional breakfast fare laid out in front of you… before we move on towards Jerusalem.

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