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Wendy Alec

Heavenly answers for the weary heart.

Wendy Alec talks about her new book, Visions From Heaven

Posted on 29/03/2014 - 10:24am

Heavenly answers for the weary heart.

Wendy Alec shares about her latest book in four editions of Behind The Screens this month. This is a magnificent book that contains so much revelation from our Father in Heaven. We believe it is going to touch people profoundly as it encapsulates a painful season Wendy went through, revealing why the Father let her go through trauma and how He delivered her. If you know anybody who is struggling, this provides Heavenly answers for the weary heart.

In addition to being GOD TV's President and Founder, Wendy is a prophet and seer and 'Visions From Heaven' recounts a series of supernatural encounters with God, from the Father’s Chambers to the brilliance of the Throne Room. There are also glimpses into 'Satan’s trophy rooms' and the macabre trading floors of the Souls of Men, exposing the enemy's battle against God's people that is ongoing in the spirit realm.

"If you have been through a season of adversity, testing or trial… if your heart is secretly breaking with bewilderment and abandonment… if Heaven itself has seemed silent at your time of deepest need… the Father’s answers to these questions will bring surprises, challenges, immense encouragement and such great hope," says Wendy.

Reviews of Visions From Heaven by Wendy Alec

Wendy's newly published prophetic work is already attracting online reviews. "It is difficult to find a way to adequately convey the brilliance of this remarkable and truly unique book," says Michael Charles on Amazon. "Visions From Heaven recounts an astonishing series of visitations that contain a genuinely life-changing power never before encountered in all my years of reading Christian books. God Himself has demonstrably changed my life through this book. I urge every Christian to get a copy, it will profoundly change the lives of all who read it."

A reader on Good Reads posted the following: "I highly recommend this book to anyone searching for truth. Those who have dismissed God from their lives because of heartache will receive remarkable insight on why they have had to suffer. It also makes for essential reading for believers, opening up a heart of compassion for those in pain. The scales will fall off your eyes as you understand what is taking place in the spirit realm. Wendy's visions help readers come to grips with the bigger picture of their lives, creating a safe place to overcome feelings of fear, guilt or shame. It is truly liberating."

How to order 'Visions From Heaven - Visitations to My Father’s Chamber'

Visions from Heaven can be ordered from your GOD TV regional office for a gift to the ministry of £25 or you can order via the Internet at Amazon and other leading online bookstores.