Title: Missions Week - Day 5
Speaker: Programme, Rory & Wendy Alec
Theme: GOD TV Vision
Series: Missions Week September 2012
Duration: 3h 18m

Stand with us as a Watchman on the Wall as Bo Sander intercedes at Israel's border with Syria. Wendy Alec joins the LIVE broadcast on the phone from her hotel room, where she is recovering from surgery and prays a prophetic prayer for Israel and her neighbours.

"Father, we're standing in the gap as Watchmen on the Wall, we don't know what has been orchestrating unrest in the Middle East, but You know Father and we pray that You bring to nought the plans of men. We speak to the principalities and powers, as the Body of Christ around the world, and we say NO, in the Name of Jesus. We say NO to unrest and violence and we decree peace."

Join Rory Alec and the regional directors in the studio including Wayne Knapman just arrived from Australia. Steve Munsey returns to teach on the season of Tabernacles and challenges you to become a Sustainer, like the widow of Tzarfat was to the Prophet Elijah. God is going to do three things for you, Pastor Steve declares:

1. Provide more than enough, an abundant supply;
2. Resurrect something dead in your life, (you may think a relationship has died but Godsays it's not over!); and
3. God is going to do something to change your future.

Watch Steve's teaching now for a prescription to turn your circumstances around!

Keywords: Missions Week, Rory Alec, Wendy Alec, Steve Munsey, Prayer for Israel, Prayer for Syria, Middle East.
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