Title: Missions Week - Day 3
Speaker: Programme
Theme: GOD TV Vision
Series: Missions Week September 2012
Duration: 2h 59m

Rory Alec hosts another fast-paced broadcast from Jerusalem, along with Bo Sander, Steve Beik, Fergus Scarfe and Jens Leweling. We also cross to many of the GOD TV regions worldwide: Tom-Inge Aas shares about GOD TV’s new Scandinavia office in Norway and there is an exciting announcement about Freeview in the UK.

Watch now and be challenged to step out and do more for God. Join in worship with Matt Redman who sings ‘10,000 Reasons to Worship’. We have so much to be thankful for. Now is the time to worship... Now is the time for victory... stay tuned!

Special guest today is Ryan LeStrange, host of Power 4 Today on GOD TV, who asks what you have in your house that God can use. “The greatest lie of the devil is to say that I ‘if God wants to do it, it will be done’. God requires our participation. He expects us to be labourers in the vineyard to get things done!” says Ryan.

“We’re coming into a time of intensified glory where we will see a greater demonstration of who God is. Some of you have been tormented in your mind or confused about your future. It may look like there is no future, but God wants to bring you into a greater manifestation of His presence. GOD TV is a prophetic voice that will set the nations free and bring transformation into your life. It’s amazing how the prophetic word cuts through the darkness and brings you into a place of clarity and light!”

Keywords: Missions Week, Rory and Wendy, Ryan LeStrange, Matt Redman, Jerusalem, GOD TV,
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