Title: Missions Week - Day 6
Speaker: Programme, Rory & Wendy Alec
Theme: GOD TV Vision
Series: Missions Week September 2012
Duration: 3h 40m

It is wonderful to have Wendy joining Rory in the studio today, she is thankfully on the mend and able to lead viewers in prophetic intercession for a Third Great Awakening to be poured out on the earth from Jerusalem.

Bo Sander leads prayers of intercession for Israel and Lebanon, from Israel’s northern border post and Marcel Olivier and Allan Ward are the final regional directors to arrive as Missions Week forges ahead toraise $4-million in the bank by the end of October.

Matthew Ashimolowo, is today’s special guest, the pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre in London. You will be challenged by his passionate message on "Eat The Honey!" Watch now and believe God for your 24-hour miracle.

“There’s a new season coming, we think we’ve seen the outpouring, but it’s just been a tiny portion of it. ‘There’s a new season coming’, says the Lord, and we call it forth, we call forth the Third Great Awakening to be released from Jerusalem to the nations. And, this will not be one man or one woman, but it will be men and women, sons and daughters, boys and girls all over the world carrying this outpouring. In this Awakening, the Father’s Glory will be manifest.” - Wendy Alec.

Keywords: Missions Week, Rory Alec, Wendy Alec, Matthew Ashimolowo, Prayer for Israel, Prayer for Syria, Middle East.
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