September 05 2012

"Summon Your power, O God; show us Your strength, O God, as You have done before!"

Psalm 68:28

Dear GOD TV Intercessors,

Just yesterday we asked you to join us in urgent prayer for our beloved Wendy. Due to a fall, she had broken her arm and surgery was necessary. Early today the surgery was performed and she received an excellent report. Here is what Rory had to say:

"I have just spoken with the surgeon - a GREAT report - Wendy has done well - the procedure, which he confirmed was indeed essential - a very serious break - went without any complication - indeed even a little 'boring'. He stated her bone was in excellent condition (apart from being broken!), strong, and he believes will heal without any problems. She will, however according to the doc require 6 - 8 months of therapy depending on how actively she pursues regaining full movement and usage of her arm.

The good news is she has immediate limited movement and is restricted only by a sling. He was impressed with her bone condition and the plates have been attached with no problems.

He is comfortable for her to leave the hospital as soon as tomorrow, once she has met with the physical therapist, most likely Friday.

Please keep us in your prayers - what a week!

Our deepest appreciation for your concern and continued prayers, with all our love,

Rory Alec, the grateful one"

Please continue to pray over the following matters:

  • For SUPERNATURAL healing & recovery

  • That she would experience NO PAIN

  • That in all ways, she would be protected & covered & secure

  • That she will SOON recover FULL movement & use of her arm...with NO lasting damage

  • That the Lord would move SPEEDILY to bring her complete recovery

  • That the Alec family & the GOD TV team would walk in GREAT PEACE

  • That this difficulty WOULD NOT hamper our preparations for Missions Week

You have blessed Rory and Wendy so very much with your prayer support. May God in turn bless you accordingly.

The GOD TV Prayer Team

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