Australasia: 02 August at 16:30, 02 August at 21:30

Direct from Jerusalem with Rory Alec and special studio guests Monday 29 July to Friday 1 August at 19.00 (BST) Join GOD... More Info

Australasia: 06 August at 21:00, 07 August at 00:30

LIVE and exclusive to GOD TV, Mission To London is described as an event ‘for all people of all faiths’.... More Info

Australasia: 12 August at 21:30, 13 August at 02:00

Join the host and founder of Global Awakening, Randy Clark along with leading Bible teachers, missionaries, evangelists and prophets LIVE... More Info

Australasia: 02 August at 15:30, 04 August at 21:30

‘Prophecy in the News’ hosted by Gary Stearman has been bringing prophetic interpretation for over 30 years. Join him as... More Info

Australasia: 04 August at 15:00, 09 August at 19:30

Join host and founder of The Ramp, Karen Wheaton with special guest speakers for a time of speaking restoration and... More Info

Australasia: 04 August at 22:30, 05 August at 01:30

The Epicenter Conference brings the focus back to the Land of the Bible, the epicenter of our faith – Israel.... More Info

Australasia: 05 August at 20:30, 06 August at 00:00

Have you ever considered turning your Living Room into a place where people can meet to receive from the Holy... More Info

Australasia: 06 August at 23:00, 07 August at 02:30

Answers in Genesis addresses key issues about the Bible, particularly the book of Genesis, regarding topics such as creation, evolution,... More Info

Australasia: 08 August at 20:30, 09 August at 01:30

Seize an opportunity to experience more of God’s power to heal, touch and transform lives as you join conference-goers in... More Info

Australasia: 10 August at 22:00, 11 August at 04:00

Craig Gross is the founder of XXXchurch.com and a sought-after speaker. XXXchurch is dedicated to educating people on the... More Info

Australasia: 09 August at 22:00, 10 August at 03:30

Desperation Conference was first held in 2002 as students gathered trusting God to touch the youth of America and the... More Info

Australasia: 05 August at 21:30, 06 August at 01:00

Join hosts Bishop Keith and Pastor Deborah Butler for the annual Word of Faith Convention. The line-up of speakers includes... More Info

Australasia: 03 August at 21:00, 04 August at 04:00

Israel Indivisible: The Case For The Ancient Homeland presents evidence for ancient and modern Israel, and its right to exist... More Info

Australasia: 20 August at 15:00, 20 August at 21:00

Since 1993 Soul Survivor has become one of the biggest summer festivals around drawing scores of young people annually. Be equipped... More Info

Australasia: 16 August at 22:00, 17 August at 12:30

Now in its 25th year, SoCal is a large-scale evangelistic outreach hosted by Greg Laurie of Harvest Ministries. SoCal drew... More Info


29th-31st August The Fascinate Conference is captivating the hearts of a generation with the power, love and presence of Jesus. The... More Info

Australasia: 21 August at 23:00, 22 August at 02:30

Hosted by Jeremy & Christy Johnson of Fearless Church (Los Angeles) this event sees some of the Church’s top speakers... More Info

Australasia: 21 August at 21:00, 22 August at 00:30

thePURSUIT event is an annual gathering of hungry hearts wanting to live with abandonment to Jesus. Join conference goers seeking... More Info

Australasia: 09 August at 10:30, 16 August at 10:30

The Fuel Student Conference is uniting young people in a shared passion to reach their generation for Christ. Hosted by... More Info


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