Australasia: 24 December at 21:00, 25 December at 02:10

Wishing you a blessed Christmas season, join GOD TV's President and CEO, Wendy Alec from our Jerusalem studios for a... More Info

Australasia: 21 December at 19:30, 21 December at 19:35

Many believers feel they have to hide their problems, addictions or emotional struggles giving the impression they are ‘walking in... More Info

Australasia: 20 December at 03:00, 20 December at 04:00

GOD TV brings you two days of programming focused solely on increasing your knowledge and discernment on the events that... More Info

Australasia: 22 December at 23:15, 23 December at 14:00

Awaken to the gifts and dreams God has placed within you and discover a deeper dimension of healing, faith and... More Info

Australasia: 20 December at 09:00, 21 December at 19:00

Don’t miss Season 3 of the reality-based TV show Global Ventures, hosted by John and Martine Smithwick. The show premiered in... More Info

Australasia: 20 December at 02:30, 20 December at 09:30

Gain new perspective on the harsh reality of believers being persecuted for their faith around the world. Don’t miss this... More Info

Australasia: 24 December at 22:30, 03 January at 00:30

Join evangelist Nathan Morris of Shake The Nations for an impassioned message on the power of the Cross. “The Cross... More Info


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