United States: 18 April at 20:30, 19 April at 03:30

Join GOD TV co-founder Wendy Alec as she reads extracts from her latest prophetic writing ‘Visions From Heaven’. She shares... More Info

United States: 19 April at 19:00, 20 April at 15:00

Don’t miss the worldwide television premiere of the acclaimed, Father of Lights on GOD TV. Produced by Darren Wilson, this... More Info

United States: 23 April at 21:00, 24 April at 01:30

Hosted by the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, the Passion for Jesus Conference LIVE from Missouri, USA will... More Info

United States: 20 April at 21:30

Pastor Benny Hinn has been part of many pivotal moments in the history of GOD TV, including dedicating the network... More Info

United States: 18 April at 21:00

January saw some of the most significant broadcasts since the inception of GOD TV with special guest Pastor Benny Hinn... More Info

United States: 19 April at 21:00

“‘Feed my sheep!’ This is our mandate from God,” challenges South Africa’s leading evangelist, Angus Buchan, on the shores of... More Info

United States: 19 April at 00:00, 19 April at 04:00

Filmed as the sequel to Finger of God, Furious Love will take you into the darkest of places to see... More Info

United States: 20 April at 18:30, 21 April at 01:00

This full feature documentary brings together leading prophetic voices sharing on the move of God many foresee will be greater... More Info

United States: 20 April at 19:30, 21 April at 02:30

Randy Clark is an international speaker, the founder of the Global Awakening movement and the host of the annual Voice... More Info

United States: 19 April at 02:00, 21 April at 14:30

Many of us are aware that some Christmas traditions stem from questionable origins, but how many of us know where... More Info

United States: 20 April at 13:00, 22 April at 09:30

Do you long to encounter more of Jesus? Join Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham in igniting a... More Info

United States: 21 April at 22:30, 22 April at 02:00

Many believers have been longing for true revival and a return of the miraculous. This conference is about this “fullness... More Info

United States: 22 April at 21:20, 23 April at 00:20

Do you long for God’s Revival Presence to flood the homes of people in your community and the world? We... More Info


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