United States: 02 September at 20:30, 03 September at 00:00

Join the GOD TV Living Room movement and turn your home into a mission field as you invite your unsaved... More Info

United States: 30 August at 16:00, 01 September at 21:30

‘Prophecy in the News’ hosted by Gary Stearman has been bringing prophetic interpretation for over 30 years. Join him as... More Info

United States: 29 August at 20:30, 30 August at 02:00

Exclusive to GOD TV, BigChurchDayOut themed ‘A Celebration of all that is Good’ sees thousands gather for the UK’s premier... More Info

United States: 30 August at 17:00, 03 September at 21:00

This week join the founder of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham for his popular signature series, Foundations. One Blood One... More Info

United States: 31 August at 21:00, 03 September at 16:00

Seize an opportunity to experience more of God’s power to heal, touch and transform lives as you join conference-goers in... More Info

United States: 02 September at 22:00, 03 September at 01:30

According to the Hebrew calendar the year of Ayin Dalet (5774) is believed to be time of open doors and... More Info

United States: 04 September at 21:00, 05 September at 00:00

This End Times Conference focuses on the book of Daniel and the prophetic insights it contains. Topics include the rise... More Info

United States: 06 September at 19:30, 07 September at 01:00

In the Mark 16 Jesus commissioned His Body to preach the Gospel, but also to have supernatural signs follow them... More Info

United States: 29 August at 23:00, 30 August at 13:00

29th-31st August The Fascinate Conference is captivating the hearts of a generation with the power, love and presence of Jesus. The... More Info


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