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United States: 03 May at 19:00, 03 May at 23:25

We’ve been adopted into God’s family… Could we adopt a child into our family? Samantha Stephen talks to Krish Kandiah,... More Info

United States: 05 May at 09:00, 05 May at 21:00

Calling all citizens to come humbly before God’s throne. Once again, GOD TV brings you LIVE coverage of the Washington,... More Info

United States: 05 May at 14:00, 06 May at 00:30

Experience the God who transforms, sets free, teaches, saves and heals! All over Europe people are trusting God to see... More Info

United States: 02 May at 10:30, 03 May at 07:05

‘Tenderly entreating you out of abandonment, He bids you, come…’ Join GOD TV Visionary, Wendy Alec as she encourages you... More Info


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