Friday 19th - Monday 21st September

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. #EndTheNightmare At this very moment an estimated 27 million men,... More Info

United States: 19 September at 20:30, 20 September at 00:30

Jimmy is a paperboy who notices something strange going on at the candy shop across the street. Men line up... More Info

United States: 19 September at 21:00, 20 September at 01:00

Canadian Salvation Army Officer, Danielle Strickland is an internationally recognised justice advocate, mission developer, church planter, speaker and writer. She... More Info

United States: 19 September at 22:50, 20 September at 02:50

The Abolition Summit is an important conference in the fight against human trafficking. It is hosted by Exodus Cry, a... More Info

United States: 21 September at 20:00, 22 September at 09:00

Ben Cooley heads up Hope for Justice in the UK which inspires people to rise up against human trafficking and... More Info

United States: 21 September at 21:40, 22 September at 02:40

Emmy Award Winning documentary, ‘The Pink Room’ tells the unimaginable story of Mien and other young children sold into sex... More Info

United States: 17 September at 22:00, 18 September at 01:00

Hosted by Ché Ahn, the LeaderShift Conference equips believers to create churches that unchurched people will love to attend. Join... More Info

United States: 20 September at 17:00, 22 September at 21:30

‘Prophecy in the News’ hosted by Gary Stearman has been bringing prophetic interpretation for over 30 years. Join him as... More Info

United States: 16 September at 20:30, 16 September at 23:30

Join the GOD TV Living Room movement and turn your home into a mission field as you invite your unsaved... More Info


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