United States: 23 April at 21:00, 24 April at 01:30

Hosted by the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, the Passion for Jesus Conference LIVE from Missouri, USA will... More Info

United States:

Don't miss the UK's top worship celebration exclusively on GOD TV! With a great stage show, fabulous sound and top... More Info

United States: 27 April at 18:30, 28 April at 03:00

MorningStar Ministries has hosted this popular conference for over two decades, growing in prophetic intensity with each passing year. Join... More Info

United States: 29 April at 21:00, 29 April at 23:00

Do you long for God’s Revival Presence to flood the homes of people in your community and the world? We... More Info

United States: 25 April at 23:30, 26 April at 03:30

The Realmen Conference is hosted by pastors Phil and Chris Pringle of C3 Church in Sydney. Prepare to hear messages... More Info

United States: 26 April at 20:00, 27 April at 01:30

C3 Church is marked by its authentic and fresh approach to Church under the leadership of Phil and Chris Pringle.... More Info

United States: 30 April at 22:30, 01 May at 01:00

Join conference goers in the TSB Bank Arena in Wellington for a mountain-top encounter with God. Hosted by John and... More Info

United States: 26 April at 18:00, 28 April at 21:30

Founded by Tim Lahaye and Thomas Ice the 22nd Annual Pre-Trib Study Group is a significant gathering of accomplished End... More Info

United States: 26 April at 19:00, 27 April at 04:30

Liberty University’s Winterfest is one of the hottest youth events every year. This year you can look forward to a... More Info

United States: 28 April at 22:30, 29 April at 01:30

Many believers have been longing for true revival and a return of the miraculous. This conference is about this “fullness... More Info


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