United States: 03 April at 20:30, 04 April at 00:30

Expect a line-up of uniquely gifted speakers at this year’s Women on the Frontline conference. Hosted by XP Ministries founder,... More Info

United States: 08 April at 21:00, 09 April at 01:00

Practical teaching and a personal realisation of God’s love is what viewers can expect with this LIVE broadcast of Passion... More Info

United States: 03 April at 21:30, 04 April at 01:30

Reports are emerging of a move of God that was ignited in Latin America during a recent Benny Hinn Miracle... More Info

United States: 03 April at 22:30, 04 April at 02:30

Themed Epic Truth’ this event presents the reality of the Gospel in a way that is relevant to a culture... More Info

United States: 04 April at 22:30

Finger of God is a powerful film about the supernatural power of God. It depicts how God’s finger is very... More Info

United States: 05 April at 22:00, 06 April at 03:30

In Furious Love, director Darren Wilson focuses on the darkness to reveal the true Light. Filmed as the sequel to... More Info

United States: 05 April at 20:30, 06 April at 02:00

This message of restoration is central to the redemptive power of the Cross. With stirring stories of grace, the... More Info

United States: 05 April at 18:00

This inspiring documentary tells the incredible story of Gram Seed. A life of crime and addiction left him rejected and... More Info

United States: 06 April at 22:50, 07 April at 02:30

Dr Michael L. Brown is the founder and president of FIRE School of Ministry in North Carolina and host of... More Info


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