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United States: 01 July at 00:30, 01 July at 05:00

Is hell is for real? Why does it matter? Join world news expert, Paul McGuire, the author of ‘The Day... More Info

United States: 01 July at 22:00, 02 July at 02:00

It’s time for women to arise and shine! Join the pioneering women gathered at Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, the... More Info

United States: 02 July at 23:00, 03 July at 03:00

Overcome an enemy called average Join Wave Church in Virginia Beach, USA for their annual conference that aims to empower... More Info

United States: 01 July at 01:00, 01 July at 14:00

Canada is open to the reign of Jesus! Experience a Joel 2 time of fasting, worship and intercession, focused primarily... More Info


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