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Israel Tour - Practical Information

Practical Information

English – Hebrew Transliteration
To help you prepare for the Israel Tour, here are some Hebrew words that will help you a lot. They will also be much appreciated by Israelis you meet along the way…

Hello/Goodbye – Shalom
Please – Behvakasha
Thank you – Toda Raba
Yes – Ken
No – Lo
Good morning – Boker Tov
Good evening – Erev Tov
Good night – Laila Tov

Booking on Time:
Space in our main First Class Hotels is limited. We will allocate rooms on a first come, first served basis. Hereafter an additional First Class Hotel will be booked.

Room Sharing:
The tour price includes two adults sharing a double room. This means that you will be placed in a room with the person you have requested to share with. If you have not made such a request, or have not paid a single room supplement, you will be placed with a fellow tour member of the same gender.

Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after day of departure for Israel: i.e. at least until March 19, 2012.

This is not required for American or British Citizens. If you have another passport, please check with the Israel Embassy (all info will be available on their website).

Hotel and Flight:
Approximately 14 days prior to departure you will receive your tickets in the mail, with the name of your hotel in Tiberius and Jerusalem. If you have arranged your own flight you will only receive your hotel information.

Day of Group Departure (Full Package pilgrims):
Please plan to be at the airport at least 3 hours before departure. Look out for the GOD TV sign at the check-in counter, where our staff will welcome and assist you.

Arrival in Israel:
On arrival at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, a GOD TV representative will meet you in baggage claims and take you to your Bus (group arrival only). If you have purchased a land pack (and are flying in on September 20) we will have a representative in the arrival hall to assist you.
You can then either wait for the next Group Transfer that has space available (leaving every two hours), or if you prefer, immediately take a taxi to the Hotel at your own expense (approx. US$220 to Tiberius, and US$80 from Jerusalem to the airport on departure). Save money and share taxi and cost with up to 5 pilgrims per taxi.

We suggest you bring US Dollars, Pounds or Euros, which can be exchanged for the Israeli Shekel. There are currency exchange desks at the airport and also in the hotel.

Please have your gratuity ready in cash, as it will be collected upon arrival (US$60 per person - max of US$140 per family).

The temperature will be around 17-30°C (62-86°F) in Jerusalem and 19-35°C (65-95°F) in Tiberius and at the Dead Sea area, so please bring sunglasses and appropriate clothing for this weather.

Sun Protection:
Bring along plenty of sunscreen to avoid sunburn. The sun is very strong in Israel.

Breakfast and dinner are included. Any other meals are excluded. Lunch can be bought for approximately US$7-US$15 per person per day as we tour the land.

Drink Water:
You must hydrate often while in a hot desert climate. You will be given one complimentary bottle of water per day and are welcome to purchase more as needed.

Feel free to contact any of our GOD TV Regional offices for more details.

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