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Rory And Wendy, GOD TV Co-Founders Kim Clement Bo Sander, Tour Director

Dear GOD TV Israel Tour Pilgrims,

With little time to go now, the GOD TV Israel office is abuzz with preparations and tour excitement! Tour-packs are being prepared, T-shirts and caps designed, final recces to the venues are being done and bus captains trained and organized. It’s all gearing up for September 20th when the Ben Gurion arrivals hall will be alive with excited tour-goers from all over the earth!

I truly hope that you will be joining us this year. This is going to be a wonderful week together, and it is such a joy to be able to explore Israel with so many of our GOD TV partners and viewers from around the world.

Before we embark on this unforgettable trip, it is important that we understand more of God’s heart for this land, His city and His people! Especially in light of the prophetic time we are living in and the time before Yeshua returns.

Please set aside some time to prepare spiritually for our week in Israel. This is going to be a time of consecrated worship and prayer, which will culminate in the prophetic worship concert with Kim Clement on September 25th! We pray that God will speak to you and move in miraculous ways in your life as we tour the Holy Land. We will also enjoy plenty of sightseeing and meals together.

I have to say that I am especially looking forward to the first morning when Kim Clement will lead us in praise and worship on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus calmed the sea and birthed his ministry! What an amazing way to start off the tour!

Till we meet in Israel…

Bo Sander GOD TV Tour Director

PS: IF YOU HAVE NOT BOOKED YET – please, contact your Regional GOD TV office or email us on or make your booking TODAY by clicking here.

Dearest GOD TV family,

September is going to be a profoundly important month for GOD TV, the nation of Israel and everyone joining us on the Kim Clement GOD TV Israel Tour. We pray that you will seek His face and trust in Him to make a way for you to join us in Israel this September!

September marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year and at this time a political decision will be made in the corridors of the United Nations that will greatly impact Israel’s future. We cannot pass up this opportunity to stand strong with Israel and intercede for God’s Will to be done here.

But more about our tour plans... We spent some time in Israel recently with Kim Clement, to prepare our hearts for all that the Lord wants to do during the tour and especially to prepare for the worship event that will be held at the Tower of David or the David Citadel on Sunday September 25th. This is an extraordinary place to have this final worship event where we will join in unified adoration of our King and Kim Clement will prophesy in song.

Come and join us - this is going to be a prophetic event that you don’t want to miss! And if you can’t be with us, and we pray you can, you can join us LIVE on GOD TV or watch the live stream. We truly feel that God is going to do something great.

We hope to see you in Israel!

Rory & Wendy, and the GOD TV Team.

Dear Warriors,

We are so close to our gathering in Israel and I am SO EXCITED about this! We have been working fervently on plans and preparations for our upcoming trip, just weeks away. My musical/production team and I have spent several days in rehearsal studios, and many hours seeking the mind and heart of the Spirit for our prophetic gathering in Jerusalem on September 25th. I guarantee you; this is going to be the BIGGEST EVENT OF MY PROPHETIC MINISTRY! If you are one of those that have made plans to come and join us, I am so looking forward to meeting you in Israel. For those of you that are still debating whether or not you should make the trip, I STRONGLY encourage you to join us, you will not regret it.

This will be no ordinary tour. We will hit the ground running as we land in Tel Aviv, and head straight to the Sea of Galilee. There, we will all gather together on boats, and my team and I will lead you in prophetic worship. Maybe we will even test our “Peter” faith and try to walk on water. From there we will head to Mt. Carmel, the ground where Elijah once stood and called fire from Heaven: need I say more? Then we will move towards Jerusalem, where we will visit the Mt. of Olives, the Western Wall, the Upper Room, King David’s Tomb, Gethsemane, and more! Some of you will have the opportunity to swim (well, float rather) in the Dead Sea. Then on Sunday, September 25TH, as the sun sets, we will all gather together at the Tower of David, and from what the Spirit has already shown me will happen in those moments – IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING!

This will also be the conclusion of an 18-month fast that I have been on (started March 2010), and at the end of the night on the 25th, those of you that have joined me on this fast, and all those present that night, will celebrate in this moment with my team and I.

I cannot tell you how excited Jane and I are about this trip and how much we are looking forward to meeting up with all of you in Israel. I consider it to be an opportunity of a lifetime. I hope you can all find your way there to join me.

- Kim Clement

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