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That they too, may know Him...

Can you name five people who don’t know Jesus? Five lives that need to be changed by the transforming power of God? Five souls that need to be saved?

If so, consider joining the Battle for 1 Billion Souls… That they too, may know Him.

Joining is easy: click the button below to write down the names of those five people and place them on the altar in Jerusalem where the GOD TV Team will intercede daily, war in the Spirit, and petition the Father for their salvation.

Once you’ve placed the names on the altar, pray about taking the next step: would you commit to personally share the Gospel with these five?

As well as standing with you in prayer, we are providing special resources to equip and encourage you, and evangelistic programming to share with your unsaved loved ones.

Will you join the Battle for 1 Billion Souls today? Click the link below to send your five names to the altar so we can start interceding for them immediately.

Ephesians 6:12