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GODTV - New Tune-In Information for AFRICA


While we are pleased to be reaching millions more viewers in Africa with our new satellite service, we regret that the changeover has been problematic for many of our viewers.

If you are currently experiencing difficulties in gaining a clear GOD TV signal, please know that we understand your frustration and want to see you reconnected to GOD TV as soon as possible.

The fact that there are so many different decoders as well as several technical variables has made what should be a simple change-over, rather challenging.

Please provide us with your details to help us restore your GOD TV signal as soon as possible:

Or please take a few moments to contact us and let us know about your unique viewing set-up and we will personally advise you on the most effective course of action. Please call our helpline on +27 (0)21 555-1206.

We will soon have you enjoying GOD TV in your home once again!

  • 1. Press MENU on remote.
  • 2. Go to ADVANCED OPTIONS - Press OK.
  • 3. Go to DISH INSTALLATIONS – Press OK.
  • 4. Enter PIN code: 9949.
  • 5. Go to (7) RESET TO FACTORY DEFAULTS – Press OK twice.
  • 6. Once scanning is complete, press MENU on remote.
  • 7. Go to ADVANCED OPTIONS – Press OK.
  • 8. Go to DISH INSTALLATIONS – Press OK.
  • 9. Enter PIN code: 9949.
  • 10. Go to NETWORK 2 then press the right arrow button until you see the OTHER option, press OK.
  • 11. Go down to FREQUENCY. Press OK and delete FREQUENCY using ‘left arrow’ key.
  • 12. Type in 12602.
  • 13. Go down to SYMBOL RATE and press OK. Change SYMBOL RATE to 26657.
  • 14. Change FEC to 2/3.
  • 15. Go to POLARIZATION. Select VERTICAL and press OK.
  • 16. Go down to (6) SCAN ALL NETWORKS – Press OK twice.
  • 17. Allow scanning to complete.
Please note: No free to air channels are available on the new HD PVR