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GOD TV Vision

Latest news and updates from Rory and Wendy, and the GOD TV team.

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Who is Jesus?

What does it mean to be a Christian? Is Jesus God? Find out more about the man at the centre of history and what he means to you.

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New Christian?

A great place to start if you’re a new Christian.

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Marriage, relationships, finance, intimacy with God and more practical biblical insights on living an authentic Christian life.

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Soak in His presence, and worship the King of Kings with the best worship from around the globe.

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Bible Study

Dig deeper into the word with world class bible teachers.

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God wants to heal you of your physical and emotional pain today!

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Encouragement, exhortation, stirring up the prophetic gift, and more…

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Revival meetings from around the globe direct to you today.

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Radical, Cutting-edge, empowering programming for the young.

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What does the Bible say about Israel? Does Israel belong to the Jews? What is God’s purpose for Israel today?

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End Times

Prophecies, the Rapture, the Antichrist, the Second Coming and more…

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Your Faith

Developing your relationship with God.

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Biblical Economics

Gain vital biblical insight in to money management and financial issues.

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